Linda Evangelista: You Were Nuts To Ask For $46,000 – You Settled Child Support Case In Nick Of Time

At first I was sympathetic to the supermodel mom in her demands for $46k a month from her billionaire ex-boyfriend. Then a top NYC divorce lawyer explained that she was playing with fire and her little 5-year-old son could have been the victim! Linda Evangelista, you and even worse, your adorable son Augustin (Augie) by billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, could have been burned in the nasty child support war that went into Manhattan court, starting May 3.

Linda Evangelista Child Support Settlement

That’s because your  demand for $46,000 a month was so over – the- top  nutso, celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder, told exclusively. “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask for a lot of money in a child custody battle, but it can hurt a case like this because it’s so absurb. It accentuates that she’s trying to get mom support.”

The problem with “silliness” as Felder described your demand for $15-$16k just in car service and bodyguards for your son with Pinault, and for $90,000 in vacation cash, was that it could annoy the judge presiding over the case and it could have infuriated the father of the child, in other words – Pinault – who holds the purse strings.

“Pinault, Evangelista’s billionaire ex-boyfriend, who is now married to superstar Salma Hayek, had repeatedly tried to work out a child support agreement with you, since little Augie was born, but you had demanded more than he was willing to spend.

“Once a father is forced to go to court, he’s usually ready to dig in his heels. He’s angry,” Felder warned. Often that means that a settlement that had been previously offered is taken off the table.”

That means that not only could you, Linda Evangelista, have been awarded far, far less by the magistrate presiding over your case BUT you could have blown a good deal that Pinault probably offered for years and had now withdrawn. You would have been stuck with whatever the judge deemed was reasonable for your sons needs.

“The judge is a human and he or she is presiding over cases every day where mothers who are getting $50 a week are begging for $10 more,” explained Felder. “The problem for Linda is that a carton of milk costs the same for a supermodel’s child and for the child of a mom who is really needy.”

The magistrate is going to look at the child (Augie’s) needs for food, accomadation, school, etc. and that’s it. He’ll look at the numbers for the child. Support is based on what the child needs. It doesn’t matter how rich the father is. The law doesn’t care.”

Whoa! So the fact that you Linda had a baby with a billionaire doesn’t entitle little Augie to live like a billionaire’s child! Or you!

Child support also isn’t based on whether Pinault dumped you when you were pregnant, says Felder.

“There’s no such thing as reparations in child support and tarring” your ex by saying he wanted to terminate the pregnancy ( as happened here), also has no impact on the judges’ decision on the amount that would be awarded for support, points out Felder.

The most that has EVER been awarded for child support in New York state is $19 thousand a month to Misa Hylton-Byrn, the ex-girlfriend of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, the mother of his son Justin, now 18.

So Linda – $46k was a HUGE reach, even by celeb standards. Even your request for round-the-clock bodyguards and drivers was ridiculous. As Raoul Felder pointed out – very fortunately we don’t have a child kidnapping problem here in the US. Thank God!

Listen, I’m just relieved that Francois-Henri Pinault DIDN’T let his fury with you dragging him into court with unreasonable demands, influence how he felt about taking care of little Augie. Clearly, he made you an offer you can live with. We learned from a courtroom eyewitness that you and Francois were talking inside the courtroom and looking satisfied. So Augie will be well provided for.

That’s what a Pinault insider had already told us at exclusively. “Francois is only concerned with the well-being of his son and wants him to go to the best schools, have the best healthcare – he will never want for anything,” a Pinault insider said.

Well, Linda, I’m glad you didn’t blow that deal and let’s hope you realized how close you came to pissing off your non-deadbeat baby daddy in a big way, and that would only have hurt Augie.

Bonnie Fuller


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