Darger Family: Twin Sisters & Cousin Share One Husband & 24 Kids

Sure, we have to wait a few more weeks until the return of TLC's Sister Wives, but here's another very big family that's definitely grabbing our attention. Meet the Dargers: a quartet consisting of Papa Joe, his twin wives and their cousin -- plus the 24 children between them! Vicki and Valerie Darger may look and dress the same, but they also have one more thing in common: Their husband, Joe. And oh, Joe's also married to the twins' cousin, Alina!

Darger Family Pic

According to the Daily Mail, the Fundamentalist Mormon family of 28 lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vicki and Valerie, both 42, and Alina, 43, were each married to Joe, 43, in Mormon ceremonies. They each have a room and the wives alternate their husband every night. They live in a large family home with 24 children, ages one to 18.

‘The fact that Joe was married to Vicki didn’t bother me at all,” said Valerie in the report, “As teenagers, Vicki and I liked some of the same guys. I thought it might even be good if we married the same man.”

Joe was dating both Vicki and her cousin Alina because he was “attracted to both girls.” He married them in a joint ceremony in 1990. The three were married for 10 years before they encouraged Joe to start dating Vicki’s twin, Valerie.

Because polygamy is illegal in all 50 states, the Dargers were investigated by Utah authorities several years ago for their beliefs and attempted to keep their plural marriage secret for many years. However, people who practice it are almost never prosecuted. Still, Joe has decided to speak out on the case for polygamy — he is currently working towards changing attitudes and trying to get it decriminalized.

Some guy! What are YOUR thoughts, HollyMoms?

–Lorraine Chow

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