'Revenge' Recap: Tyler's Killer 'Confesses.' Is Daniel Free?

Enemies were made, secrets were exposed & someone died mysteriously -- it was courtroom drama, 'Revenge' style! Daniel's (Josh Bowman) trial finally arrived on the April 25 episode of Revenge, and Declan (Connor Paolo) turned out to be the key witness after recanting his statement about the hooded figure on the beach. So Daniel's lawyer suggested that Emily (Emily VanCamp) testify about why and how she fell in love with her fiancé in order to build an emotional case.

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Meanwhile, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was still sleeping with the painter — and still on a mission to completely remove the juror, by threatening her son, who posed doubt against her son’s case. But she should never have doubted the abilities of Miss Emily Thorne! Victoria’s plan to guarantee a hung jury or an acquittal was working well, until Emily initiated an amber alert for the juror’s child and the cops found blood that matched Tyler’s DNA in the back of Lee’s (Victoria’s accomplice) car. The Hamptons’ finest schemers seriously outdid themselves with each new episode.

Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) channeled her inner Victoria by encouraging to Declan to tell the truth on the stand, but her manipulation didn’t work! Declan told his side of the story, confirming Charlotte was under the influence of drugs and alcohol the night of Tyler’s murder. (Bravo, Declan, bravo! Finally, someone other than Emily defied a Grayson.)

Daniel drowned his sorrows in alcohol as he began to doubt that Emily actually loved him, while Jack decided to hand over his bloody hoodie. (Man, this is one heck of a love triangle! What guys won’t do for the love of Emily Thorne!) Before being arrested for violating his house arrest, Daniel was overcome with jealously and accused Emily of sneaking around with Jack. Little did he know, she actually stole Jack’s bloody hoodie in order to protect him!

And while Emily and Victoria were busy manipulating everyone around them, Conrad (Henry Czerny) decided to join the club. He confronted Dominick Wright — the infamous artist — and demanded he leave town before he’s accused of dealing in the black market.

At the end of the episode, just when everyone thought Daniel was going to be the one who hanged himself, officers found Lee — and a suicide note confessing to Tyler’s murder! (Man, Victoria Grayson always seems to get her way, doesn’t she?). And to make things even more intense, it was revealed that David Clarke wasn’t knifed in a prison fight. He was murdered… by the Graysons!

So Daniel will be released from prison and all hell will break loose in the Hamptons — but is anyone else disappointed that Emily didn’t get to “deliver the performance of her life” on the stand?

Oh, wait, she gives the performance of her life every single day.

What did you think of tonight’s Revenge? Were you shocked by Lee’s ‘confession’? And what do you hope will happen once Daniel is set free? Drop your thoughts and theories in the comments section below!

— Jaymie Bailey

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