Ali Lohan: So Scary Skinny She's Suffering From Malnutrition, Expert Says

Ali stepped out on April 18 looking shockingly thin and pale -- has just spoken to a weight loss expert who tells us that you should be very worried about her! Ali Lohan is taking her weight loss way too far according to a top expert.  The 18-year-old stepped out in Malibu on April 18 with her sister Lindsay Lohan and she was so painfully thin that it was hard to even look at her and now can tell you why!

Ali Lohan Skinny Before and After

“Ali is definitely showing signs of malnutrition,” Alicia Hunter, author of The Accidental Diet: From Fugly to Fox tells us. “Her hair looks damaged and dull and her skin looks way too pale! Poor nutrition and health issues can show themselves in bad skin and hair.”

We’ve told you that Ali is pursuing a modeling career and reports claim that her momager Dina Lohan is pushing her to be another breadwinner for their family.

“I would love to see Ali increase her lean proteins,” Alicia tells us. “I’m sure she’s concerned about gaining weight because of her modeling career, but adding lean proteins like salmon and chicken are great ways to increase muscle mass and add weight, but avoid bloat and unhealthy refined carbs. She could also add almonds or walnuts to her diet, which are good sources of vitamin E. They will improve her skin and hair.”

“Ali’s body could also benefit by adding some strength training into her workout regimen.”

Los Angeles nutritionist, Lisa de Fazio, agrees and explains another reason behind Ali’s malnourished look. “Women who come from families where addiction is a problem are at higher risk for eating disorders,” she says. “It can be a way of dealing with stress and controlling your life. If she were my daughter, I would get her professional help! She just does not look healthy!”

— Reporting by Jennifer Kamm, Sandra Clark & Written by Chloe Melas

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