Rachel Shouldn't Marry Finn On 'Glee' — He's Holding Her Back

'Finchel' becoming an official (legal) couple would be the biggest mistake of both of their lives. With only seven episodes left this season on Glee, time is running out for Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele) to make up their minds: Will they be spending the rest of their post-McKinley High lives together, or not? And since everyone on the show -- be they friend, parent, or overly-involved teacher with boy-band tendencies -- is weighing in with their opinion, I figured I'd offer mine up too. I think I speak for many fans when I say that Finn and Rachel tying the knot would be a disaster.

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I’m fully aware that Glee exists in a realm free of logic (why do they rehearse a million songs during the year, then perform two or three un-rehearsed songs at sectionals?!) but this is one issue I think should be handled realistically. Since the show began, Rachel has had Broadway in her sights, and her focus never wavered until she saddled up with Finn, who’s never really known what he wanted to do with his life. (Sing? Play football? Join the army?)

And Finn did nothing to help his cause on the April 10 episode when he told Rachel he wanted to move to California with Puck (Mark Salling), who’s apparently thinking of opening a very lucrative pool-cleaning business. Seriously. What is that?

Here’s the thing: I like “Finchel” as much as the next gleek, and I firmly believe there are no other characters on the show more suited for either of them. But that’s just it; there are so many other characters out there in this great big world that could be right for them, and they both deserve to find them.

I’d now like to defer to Quinn (Dianna Agron), who put all of my thoughts into one blunt response to Rachel on the Jan. 31 episode:

“I’m all for making the most of the next few months, but I’d hate the idea of dragging an anchor from my past into the bright lights of my future. Rachel, you have an amazing life ahead of you. As hard as it may be, if you want everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, you’re going to have to break up with him. … You and Finn are a lovely couple, but if you really want to be happy, you’re going to have to say goodbye.”

Preach, Quinn.

Gleeks, where do you stand on Finchel’s highly questionable future? Should they get married, or would that be an epic mistake?

— Andy Swift

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