Camilla Luddington: 'No One Wants To See Lizzie' After 'Californication' Season Finale

Camilla reveals what's in store for her character -- and how she really feels about always being naked. Californication's fifth season has been quite a roller coaster for Camilla Luddington, whose character has had to juggle multiple jobs -- and multiple guys -- with questionable success. But Camilla tells that the April 1 finale will truly show Lizzie at her lowest. "It's her acting debut, her moment to shine, and it really does not happen for her," Camilla tells me. "She's not happy about that."

Camilla adds that Lizzie’s behavior in the finale will also reveal just how much she’s changed over the season — and it definitely hasn’t been for the better.

“She started off the season so sweet and innocent, but by the end, she’s all about herself,” Camilla explains. “This Sunday, you’ll see Lizzie really is Meryl Streep in her own head. It’s all about Lizzie.”

But will Lizzie be giving us an encore in season six? Camilla doesn’t seem too certain.

“I do know they usually bring in a different love interest for David Duchovny and Evan Handler‘s characters every season, and they usually don’t bring them back,” she says. “But who knows? Maybe someone else will get pregnant and they’ll need Lizzie to come back as a nanny. I would assume not, though. I’m sure no one wants to see Lizzie after the finale.”

And if this is, in fact, Camilla’s final episode of Californication, she says she’ll be left with lots of great memories. Not many clothed memories, but definitely great ones.

“I remember at one point asking, ‘Am I the only one doing nude scenes this season?” Camilla says with a laugh. “Why am I stuck every week in the water? It’s a pool one week, then a shower, then a hot tub.”

Californication’s fifth season finale airs April 1 at 10:30 p.m. on Showtime.

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