Jessica Simpson's Gained 50 lbs — Too Much Say Obstetricians

Jessica has gained twice as much weight while pregnant as doctors recommend and that can actually put her baby at risk, warns a top doctor. Here's why! Jessica Simpson might want to put down that leg of fried chicken because even though it tastes good, it's bad for her baby girl. spoke to two top OBGYN's who reveal that a pregnant woman should not put on more than 25 pounds and Jessica looks like she's put on 50!

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“Jessica has put on well over 50 lbs,” says Dr. Tara Solomon, owner at The Women’s Wellness Center of South Florida.”She talks about eating cheesecake for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch. She is way too big to be working out, so the weight is piling on.”

But Dr. Solomon says that Jessica’s excessive weight gain could actually hurt her baby and could complicate her pregnancy.

“Her doctors have told her to expect a 10 lb baby,” she says. “The problem with large babies is that they can have respiratory problems and problems maintaining their glucose or sugar levels. I usually try to keep my patients at a 25 lb weight gain maximum in order to prevent a possible traumatic delivery with a large child. A pregnant woman should be eating about 1200 calories a day to keep up with baby’s nutritional needs. She has gone overboard for sure.”

We also spoke to Dr. Patricia Allen, an OBGYN in NYC who says that part of the reason why Jessica could look so large right now is due to water retention.

“Some women retain a great deal of water during the last month of pregnancy which can cause them to certainly not feel or look their best,” Dr. Allen says. “The general recommendations for weight gain in pregnancy are 25-35 pounds. Obstetricians are concerned if there is excess weight gain because it may increase pregnancy related diabetes and pre-eclampsia.”

We just hope that Jessica gives birth to a healthy baby girl and we can’t wait to meet the little one!

— Chloe Melas

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