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Kristen Stewart Reveals How She Faced Her Biggest Fear In 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

Kristen was forced to get over something that had bothered her since she was a child for her highly-anticipated role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Read on to find out how she conquered her fear! Kristen Stewart isn't fazed by vampires and werewolves, but horses give her the creeps! "I was really, really not happy about having to do all that [horseback riding]. I don't like that – I hate that," she said at a WonderCon panel, reports People.

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Kristen Stewart Snow White

The 21-year-old actress revealed that her fear of horses stemmed from a horseback riding injury she sustained as a child. “I fell off a horse once and hurt myself really badly,” she recalled. “I broke and dislocated my elbow when I was, like, nine.”

Unfortunately, Kristen’s role in the remake of the classic film calls for lots of action sequences on horseback. “I just had to not think about it,” Stewart admitted. “I wanted so badly to do this that it was just like, ‘Alright, well, if I perish by horse, that’s all good.'”

Luckily, Kristen was able to conquer her fear and emerge from filming unscathed… well, mostly. “I hurt myself a lot,” she said, but despite her struggles, she revealed that playing Snow White was worth it. “My favorite thing about [Snow White] is that she’s endowed with so much and there’s so much inside her. It’s like she’s brimming. She doesn’t always necessarily know why. I can – in so many different parts of my life – relate to that and love that about her.”

Isn’t it awesome that Kristen was able to conquer her fear of horses? Sound off below, HollywoodLifers!

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