Robert Pattinson Is Sexy & The Perfect Height For Girls — Unlike Me, Daniel Radcliffe Admits

After years of bashing 'Twilight,' the 'Harry Potter' star finally admits Robert Pattinson is a 'sex symbol' and he's not. Do you agree? Daniel Radcliffe has been on record saying the wizards from Harry Potter would totally beat Twilight vampires in a battle and has even gone as far to say "nobody wants to see actors in bands" (like Robert Pattinson). However, now the 22-year-old British star is finally praising R-Patz for his undeniable sex appeal.

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Daniel Radcliffe Robert Pattinson

“He’s a sex symbol,” Daniel told Premiere.fn recently. “He’s sexy and just need to do his brooding look for girls to fall.”

Plus, Daniel puts himself down for being short (he’s 5’6″) — particularly compared to Rob, who’s 6’1″.

“He has the perfect height to seduce girls, I’m the total opposite,” he said, laughing. “He might be charming and cute, wild and sexy .. I do not have this kind of status, just look at pictures in the press. When we’re put side by side, I look a little silly or I make faces whereas Rob always looks like a ladies’ man. Therefore it doesn’t help me when it comes to the ladies.”

Are you shocked Daniel finally admitted Rob is hotter than him? Who do you prefer: Rob or Daniel? Vote and sound off below!

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