'The Bachelor' Castoff Nicki Sterling Says She's 'Still Getting Over' Ben

Nicki was shocked when Ben sent her home, but says she won't let the heartbreak control her life. Nicki Sterling bared her heart when she told The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik that she loved him during hometown dates, but the Texas native says she was "blindsided" when the wine maker sent her home after fantasy suites in Switzerland. Nicki opened up to People magazine about how she's moving on, and what she thinks about the highly controversial Courtney Robertson.

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“It’s hard to say who I thought was going home. I just did not think it would be me,” Nicki said about the last night she saw Ben.

After watching the show, she know has come to come realize that she developed strong feelings for Ben, a lot fast than he did for her.

“Hearing him refer to me as the ‘dark horse’ lets me know he enjoyed my company in the beginning but didn’t have a strong connection until the end,” she admitted.

Nicki may not be ready to get back on the horse on start dating again, but she says she’s gotten the closure she needed to start her healing process.

“I heard what I needed to get closure. I didn’t need to hear nice things to be okay with leaving or with myself. I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason,” Nicki said.

The happy-go-lucky Texan doesn’t even fault Ben for the notorious skinny-dipping incident with Courtney, but did say it hurt watching it unfold.

“It stung a lot to see that knowing that was the same week we had our first real moments together. I wish he would have said, ‘Not a good idea. The girls will be upset.’ But he’s a 29-year-old guy being seduced by one of the most attractive women on earth. I can’t fault him in the moment,” the raven-haired beauty admitted.

Nicki may think Courtney’s pretty, but she doesn’t think she’s genuine.

“I didn’t buy it at all. I didn’t believe her tears. It looks as though she realized her chance of making it to the end might be hindered by how she treated other people so she started to backpedal. The Courtney that I got to know wasn’t sincere in that manner,” she said.

Nicki said she thinks that of the two girls remaining, Lindzi Cox is the best match for Ben. She said if Ben did pick Courtney, she wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already split.

“I don’t see how Ben could watch the season and not be extremely upset and disappointed with her. He’s being fooled,” said Nicki.

Nicki admitted it will be a while before she puts her heart back on the line, but is “confident” one day she will find love. Monday night all the girls on the show will open up about their experience on the show in the special “Women Tell All” episode.

Tell us what YOU think! Of the final two girls, who do you think is best suited for Ben?

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