John Mayer Apologizes To Taylor Swift In New Song 'Shadow Days'

Is John's new album 'Born and Raised' an apology to Taylor? I think so! Taylor Swift -- your wish is John Mayer's command.

Taylor asked John to “Speak Now” — and being the gentleman that he is — he’s now cheering her on, giving her permission to “Speak For Me” while he opens up about his “Shadow Days.”

So is John’s new album an apology to Taylor? The lyrics in his new single “Shadow Days” give a resounding YES.

“Well I ain’t no troublemaker / And I never meant her harm / But it doesn’t mean I didn’t make it hard to carry on,” John sings in the new song.

And in the chorus he tries to convince the women of his past that he’s no longer a bad boy.

“I’m a good man, with a good heart / Had a tough time, got a rough start / But I finally learned to let it go / Now I’m right here, and I’m right now / And I’m open, knowing somehow / That my shadow days are over / My shadow days are over now,” he sings.

And another song on his album titled “Speak For Me” must be in response to Taylor’s album “Speak Now”! Am I right? We can’t find the lyrics yet, but we’re thinking they’ll definitely be about Taylor.

Well, too bad he’s burned his bridges with Taylor — that message was clear in her song “Dear John.”

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Taylor accept John’s apology? Vote and weigh in below.

— Nicole Karlis

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