'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Freaks Out Because She Can't Smoke Pot For A Year

Kailyn's baby daddy and boyfriend meet for the first time, Chelsea raises money for a good cause, Jenelle gets bad news in court and Leah and Corey's marriage crumbles -- for good? This week's Teen Mom 2 was SO intense. Back again for another round of legal troubles, fights and drama, this episode might be the most serious yet. Kailyn Lowry's ex Jo meets her boyfriend, and their encounter is AWKWARD. Leah Messer and Corey get into their worst fight ever, and their marriage won't recover from this. Chelsea Houska doesn't let her breakup with Adam bring her down -- she contributes to a charity instead! And Jenelle Evans might lose her friends, boyfriend and sanity because of her probation terms.

Teen Mom 2 Recap

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea’s been working a lot, so her dad helps her buy a new car. New house, new car, new job, same Adam issues. But there’s one positive thing from the breakup — Chelsea’s inspired to do the March of Dimes. Time to fundraise! Her boss gives her a $100 donation, which is an awesome start to the $500 goal. (Side note: Chelsea’s boss is a good-looking guy). Now that she has the money, time for making T-shirts and girl talk. All the ladies present have boyfriends, except Chelsea. “I hate you all,” she complains. If any have a BF like Adam, you shouldn’t. She bypasses her goal, and the walk is a success. Woo!

Leah Messer: Leah stayed at her mom’s after the fight with Corey over money, and it seems she and Corey haven’t been getting along lately. They meet up, and it’s a HUGE blow up. “According to you, I don’t do sh*t for you and the girls,” accuses Corey. “Well, sometimes I feel like that,” she shoots back. Both end up crying. How did this marriage fall apart so quickly? Her mom found a place, so now Leah needs to decide what she wants. “Those were the days when we were cute, huh?” she asks as she looks at a picture. Corey tells her to get the trailer, but he doesn’t think he’ll move with her. “Just tell me what you want!” an exasperated Leah cries.

Kailyn Lowry: Jo says he wants to meet Jordan because he’s around his son so much. I’m actually surprised how mature he’s handling this. Woah. Kailyn’s surprised, and she thinks Jo will be mean about it. A gossipy friend says she saw via Twitter that he has a new girl. Kailyn, do you not follow him? Can’t you easily confirm this, like… now? Anyway, she hopes he doesn’t have “groupies” around. If they’ve heard his music, I doubt they’re interested. Jo’s being mature, but Jordan’s being a baby about meeting. But they meet, and it’s aaaawkwaaaard.

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle moves back in with Barbara, again. Jenelle meets with her lawyer, and there’s some bad news: She could face 128 days in jail. Ruh roh. He hopes Kieffer (KIEFFAH, as Barb would say) takes the fall, and I agree. Time to go to court. KIEFFAH’s charges were dropped. WHAT?! Jenelle gets supervised probation for a year — no alcohol, drugs or friends with drug charges (apparently that’s all of her friends). She freaks out, so KIEFFAH offers to quit smoking, too. Haha, I’m sure you will, KIEFFAH.

-Anna Moeslein

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