Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Didn't Have A Sex Life After Wedding

One of Kris Humphries's friends tells all intimacy between Kris and Kim Kardashian stopped after they got married. She wanted nothing to do with him! It didn't take a relationship expert to tell us there was no love lost between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries after they tied the knot. In the latest episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim, 31, seemed disgusted by the thought of her husband, and sadly, an insider confirms that was actually the case.

Kim Kardashian Sex

“After Kim and Kris got married, Kim gave him the cold shoulder,” a friend close to Kris tells exclusively. “She hardly even wanted to kiss him at the wedding. It makes absolutely no sense that they ever got married.”

Adds the source, “Kris tried to be romantic with Kim, but she would always push him away or avoid him. She wouldn’t be sexual with him or even affectionate.”

Kris, 27, felt like an outsider in his new life, even though he tried to fully immerse himself into the Kardashian lifestyle, his friend explains.

“Kris feels totally used. He thought Kim loved him and he never would have just married her for publicity reasons,” the insider says. “His family never would have approved of a fake marriage, but Kim’s family on the other hand couldn’t care less because they are all living in front of the cameras and every thing is for publicity.”

Do you think Kim ever felt attracted to Kris or was it all just for show?

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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