Devastated Madonna Badger Attempts Suicide After Tragic Fire Killed Her Daughters

Madonna lost her three young daughters and parents in a horrific Christmas Day fire, and now the distraught mom has tried to take her own life and was hospitalized last week. Heartbroken Madonna Badger suffered every mother's worst nightmare when her three girls — Lily, 9, and twins Grace and Sarah, 7 — perished in a deadly blaze. Overcome by the extreme emotional pain, she tried to injure herself and was hospitalized, according to NY Daily News. "She is okay... She is out (of the hospital) and somewhere safe," a relative said. "It's just terrible — nobody could really hold up well under the circumstances."

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Madonna Badger Suicide

The relative said she wasn’t surprised at the suicide attempt.

“She seemed to be coping better at the funeral, better than I ever could,” she revealed. “But once all of that is gone and you’re left to face what’s happened, it’s terrible.”

Family and friends who attended the funeral remarked how brave the grief-stricken mother was during her 20-minute eulogy. “This is going to be really hard,” she admitted. “Lily, Gracie and Sarah are not here with us today, and they won’t be here tomorrow… but my little girls are not gone from us entirely.”

Madonna said her girls were what gave her strength to stand before the sobbing crowd. “I want you to remember my girls out loud, to fight for them never to be forgotten,” she explained. “This is why I can stand before you today.”

But the funeral is over, and Madonna is forced to face the aftermath of the devastating fire. Now her boyfriend, contractor Michael Borcina, is facing possible criminal charges for his role overseeing the renovation of the $1.7 million home that burned down, according to The Daily Mail. Did the stress of talking to investigators push Madonna over the edge?

Officials are determining if there were working fire alarms in the home. Madonna was interviewed last week — the same week she was hospitalized.

Hopefully Madonna can find strength in her family and friends. Relatives said she’s “now in a safe place surrounded by family and longtime friends” following her hospital stay.

So, so sad! Our hearts go out to Madonna and her family, and our thoughts are with her during this emotional time.

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