Exes Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jerry Ferrera Fight At Golden Globes Party

When Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrera first met up at the InStyle Golden Globes after party, we thought they were going to reconcile -- but then things fell apart just as fast as they were mended! What started out as an awkward run in between former long time couple Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrera at the InStyle Golden Globes after party Jan. 16 looked to be turning into a grand reunion -- until a fight broke out between the two, which HollywoodLife.com witnessed first hand.

Jamie Lynn Sigler Jerry Ferrera

At first things were uncomfortable between the two stars, who broke off their relationship in 2009, as Jerry, 32, kept apologizing to Jamie-Lynn, 30. One of Jamie-Lynn’s friends noticed the confrontation and tried to have Jerry leave, but he stayed put.

However, we thought the conversation had made positive progress when Jerry and Jamie-Lynn started talking civilly and then began walking around the star-studded party arm in arm! “It seemed like they were going to go home together,” another spy confirmed to us.

Sadly, the happy reconciliation only lasted a few minutes and the volatile pair got into yet another bickering match and Jerry stormed off, visibly disappointed.

Jamie didn’t look so happy either, but she was comforted by her girlfriends and later left with them around 12:30 a.m.

“It was was interesting to see exes get back together and then be exes again within a 45 minute period,” the eyewitness said.

Have you ever had an awkward run in with your ex at a party? Did it end well — or in shambles like Jerry and Jamie-Lynn?

Reporting by Russ Weakland

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