'Gossip Girl' Wedding: Blair Would Never Say 'I Do' With Such Messy Hair

Blair's straggly dead-ends are about as lifeless as her expression, and they're definitely giving away a major sign of unhappiness -- B, who is so obsessed with perfection, clearly isn't in the right mindset while walking down the aisle, because she would never get married with such a messy 'do! Blair Waldorf always looks pristine, which is why I could never image the bride-to-be walking down the aisle with such a messy style for the highly-anticipated Gossip Girl wedding! Just like Kate Middleton, Blair's known for her shiny, perfectly-styled brunette tresses that never look out of place! Considering that Blair is queen of the Bridezillas, she would never leave her room let alone turn up at her wedding with this horrific 'do -- especially given the fact that it's a Royal Wedding!

gossip girl blair wedding hair

Something clearly isn’t right with B if she would subject herself and her out-of-place tresses for scrutiny. After all, this isn’t your everyday, Upper East Side wedding! Not only does she have to live up to the high standards she sets for herself, but there’s paparazzi watching. Blair can fake a smile all she wants in her gorgeous Vera Wang dress, but her hair can’t fake the part! Blair is clearly unhappy and she definitely isn’t ready to walk down the aisle — at least without someone brushing her hair.

Katrina MItzeliotis

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