'RHOBH' Recap: Taylor Armstrong Gets Rejected From Kyle Richards' Party

After Russell Armstrong threatens Camille with a lawsuit for making "false and slanderous remarks" about him, Kyle Richards feels as if she is left with no choice but to deny Taylor and Russell from attending her glamorous White Party. The Dec. 19 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with the startling news that Camille Grammer received an email from Russell Armstrong threatening to take legal action against her for speaking out about Russell's alleged abuse toward Taylor Armstrong. Russell said Camille made false and slanderous remarks that could damage his business.

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Adrienne Maloof discusses the news with her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, and shares her concern about attending Kyle Richards White Party because she is afraid Russell may threaten legal action against all the housewives.

While preparing for the White Party, Kyle gets wind about the email Camille received from Russell. Kyle weighs her options and decides the only reasonable thing to do would be to deny Taylor and Russell at the door, since Kyle could not get into contact with Taylor prior to the party.

Kim Richards arrives at the party with her boyfriend, Ken Blumenfeld, and the housewives do not seem too fond of him.

Kim had previously denied sporting an engagement ring earlier in the episode, when questioned by her daughter, but Kim insisted it was just a promise ring.

Although all the housewives are panic-stricken with the thought of rejecting Taylor’s entrance to the party, Kim still manages to find time to get into an argument with her enemy, Brandi Glanville.

Kim has absolutely no intention of clearing the air with Brandi and says, “I don’t like you — I will never like you.”

Brandi tries to apologize to Kim and says, “I said I’m sorry — you were out of line, I was out of line.” Kim cannot believe Brandi accused her of being out of line, and begins to argue with her.

“Don’t even apologize, it’s not worth it. I don’t accept your apology!” screamed Kim.

Naturally, this argument is not headed in a good direction and ends with Kim mocking Brandi and accusing her of “speaking like a truck driver” and continuously saying, “It doesn’t make you pretty when you say those words.”

The long-awaited arrival of Taylor and Russell finally occurs, and the thought of rejecting them from the party puts Kyle in tears. The housewives and their husbands discuss the situation with Taylor and Russell in front of the Richards’ house, and the Armstrongs are evidently upset with their decision to reject them from the party.

Taylor admits she never read the email Russell sent, while Russell insists the email was not rude. The housewives and their husbands explain they all read the email and they think otherwise.

As Taylor and Russell get back into their limo, Kyle runs after them and tries to set the record straight about what Camille said. “[Camille] made the comment but it wasn’t that she invented it,” she explains. Taylor defends her husband and says, “She repeated an exaggerated version of it.”

Adrienne chimes in before Taylor and Russell leave and says, “No, [Camille] did not get carried away — she was upset because of the story she was told.”

In an interview at the conclusion of the show, Kyle says, “I’ve never felt so bad and had to do something like that to a friend… ever.”

It seems like Taylor and Russell’s rocky relationship was slowly tearing the housewives apart! What did you think of the Dec. 19 episode of RHOBH, HollywoodLifers?

Lauren Kalma