'RHOA' Recap: NeNe Leakes Storms Out Of Kandi Burruss' Party

NeNe is still at war with Sheree. There are only so many surprises she can take at Kandi's b-day celebration. Enemies NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield come face-to-face for the first time since their explosive fight at Kandi Burruss' 35th birthday party during The Real Housewives of Atlanta Nov. 27 episode. While war is about to break out between the two feuding housewives, their drama is momentarily stopped when Kandi's surprise birthday present -- a male stripper -- steals the spotlight.

RHOA Recap

The show starts off as Kandi, Phaedra Parks and Sheree go to check out the event space where Kandi wants to throw the party. While scouting the location, Kandi informs Sheree that she invited NeNe. “Keep that b*tch on the other side,” Sheree warns.

Kandi has to tend to some matters with the event planner and leaves the two women for a moment. Phaedra then lets Sheree know that she has a surprise in store for Kandi — something “that only nature could create.”

After leaving the venue and Team Sheree behind, Kandi goes shopping with NeNe. They talk smack about Kim Zolciak as usual for a bit before Kandi the breaks the news to NeNe that Sheree and Phaedra will be at the party. “When you are as lowdown and dirty as Sheree was … you do not deserve the friendship of NeNe Leakes,” NeNe says to the cameras.

When it’s finally time for the party, all of the housewives except for Kim show up. NeNe is the last to arrive and of course she makes a grand entrance. When she walks in, she seems to think that she’s the star of the party. Sheree maintains herself, but the group is clearly separated. Poor Kandi is going back and forth between Team NeNe and and Team Sheree. “I can’t” deal with Sheree, NeNe starts in.

But Phaedra breaks up the drama before it gets too heated with a surprise — a hot male stripper.

The stripper gets up on the stage and dances for Kandi. He pulls down his pants and really gets moving. “All of a sudden a monster comes out,” notes shocked NeNe.

The naughtiness continues as Kandi gets a lap dance — but  that’s not the finale. Apparently the stripper has something else in mind, but the cameras do not show his performance.

“Suck his own. It was nasty,” NeNe shouts. “It’s disgusting, you are sucking your … ” NeNe leaves the party disgusted.

Kandi seems oblivious to the fact that NeNe has just stormed out and that other people are completely outraged. “Me, Phaedra and Sheree were laughing,” Kandi gushes. But she quickly realizes that the other guests are utterly disturbed by the show, especially Kandi’s mom. “That wasn’t cool. That wasn’t cool at all,” her mom yells before leaving too.

Meanwhile, Kim has her own demonstration going on at her home. She’s four weeks away from her due date and wants to learn more about having a baby son. Kim and her boyfriend Kroy Biermann consult a baby expert about circumcision. The expert explains to Kim how the procedure works. “His little pee pee being cut … that scares me, ” Kim admits. But she doesn’t want him to “grow up with a turtleneck.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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