'RHOBH' Recap: Russell Armstrong Makes First Appearance Accusing Lisa Vanderpump Of Betraying Taylor!

It was the late Russell Armstrong's first season appearance and he wasn't too happy with an US Weekly magazine erroneous report that he and Taylor were separated. Here's my advice to any of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - do not EVER go to a dinner or a party of any kind at any other Real Housewives' house. The outcome is only indigestion!

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In this case Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio Umansky are invited to a chef-prepared finner at their house. It’s very confusing for Kyle. “Taylor will tell us things that make us not like Russell but when we see him, he seems very nice and polite. It’s very confusing,” she says.

Kyle is about to be on the hot seat at dinner when the two couples sit down at Taylor’s long dining room table and Russell pulls out a copy of UsWeekly and opens to a story that announces that he and Taylor are separated.

The couples laugh awkwardly as they look at the mag and Russell points out, “and yet, we’re having dinner.”

Kyle admits to the Armstrongs that “I’m putting myself in your shoes and I’d be very upset but… at least it’s a cute picture of you and Taylor.”

That’s when Russell zooms in and makes Kyle squirm. “I don’t mean to accuse anybody but a certain person we both know says that Lisa Vanderpump is a very good friend with the editor-in-chief of Us magazine.”

Kyle confirms that, that in fact is true, just before Russell says that he met with one of his litigators and that Us Weekly will happily serve up their source to make a lawsuit go away.

Kyle looks like she can’t wait to escape. “It’s making me very uncomfortable that Russell is talking about a lawsuit with someone in our group of friends. “I’m thinking – am I next?”

In light of what happened to Russell — the whole scene is just chilling. Yes he seemed upset, but the disturbing gossip about his marriage must have just been eating away at him in a much bigger way than he let on.

The rest of the episode was remarkably free of any nastiness — quite a change from the rest of the season so far.

Lisa’s daughter Pandora Vanderpump is feted by the family’s UBER rich real estate developer friend Mohamed Hadid, for her engagement.

But before the party, Lisa presents Pandora with a $68,000 custom-designed heart-shaped diamond necklace by Michael Beaudry, partially made from a bracelet which her husband Ken gave her when she was pregnant with Pandora.

It’s inscribed with the phrase: “Remember one thing – mommy loves me,” which is what Lisa always told her children to use as a mantra when they were young and having troubles.

Then Ken gives Pandora’s fiance Jason, a $21,700 Franck Muller watch which is special to him because Lisa had given it to him.

There are mighty nice parent and in-laws – not to mention Super duper uber rich in-laws, to have. Lucky Pandora. Lucky Jason.

Finally, we learn at the end of the episode that Kim Richards has had a secret boyfriend, Ken who she’s been hiding from her sisters.

We don’t find out much about Ken, except that he must be very tolerant if he’s putting up with Kim. But Ken issues a warning as she preps him to meet her sister Kyle, in an upcoming episode.

“This may not go over as smooth as you think!” he said.

Knowing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can bet it sure won’t!

— Bonnie Fuller

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