'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: I Wish Mark Had Hooked Up With Jackson's Mom After The Penis Transplant!

Dr. Catherine Avery showed up at Seattle Grace to perform the very interesting surgery and I thought for sure she and Mark made a connection! Grey's Anatomy reached a new high (or low) with their big patient case this week -- a man who had his penis removed due to cancer and needed a new one. But at least there was only one instance of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) sucking.

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Lucky for us, No Penis Guy brought us Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) mom, the world-renowned Dr. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen), who wanted to perform the revolutionary penis transplant. Of course, she butted heads with Mark (Eric Dane), which was awesome. McSteamy argued that they should go for the more traditional route of reconstruction, but a few funny penis-quips from Jackson’s mom put him in his place.

Jackson, himself, was annoyed with his mom’s presence — enough so that he sent girlfriend Lexie (Chyler Leigh) out of town so his mom couldn’t meet her, which bothered “Mrs. Dr. Avery,” as Mark dubbed her.

Catherine held a contest to see which surgeons would scrub in with her, aside from Mark. Cristina (Sandra Oh) and April (Sarah Drew) were knocked out of the game early, and it came down to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jackson. Alex received an urgent page and bowed out.

That page was about Zola — Mer and Der’s kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really daughter. She had a seizure, and the evil adoption woman made it clear that Meredith and Derek were not to know. So of course, Alex told them.

(Incidentally, Meredith had to leave the penis transplant surgery because of this, and I’m not sure how I feel. She’s at a crossroads in her career — no one wants to work with her and yet she’s clearly a gifted surgeon. Should she had really given up this chance? But then, I’m not a mother.)

April replaced Meredith in the penis transplant, and actually screwed it up. Luckily, Mark swooped in and saved the day with some MacGyvering, impressing Catherine. The surgeons shared a moment. But as it turns out, Mark is still not over Lexie, something Catherine picked up on, and told her son. (We did see Catherine hitting on Richard (James Pickens Jr.), and it’s clear these two had a past. And damn, Richard does really like the high-powered doctor ladies.)

In Derek didn’t suck too much news, at the beginning of the episode, he refused to fold Zola’s close with Meredith and even threw a onesie down in frustration. His manner did improve as the show went on. Mercifully, he acted like a real husband to our beloved Mer, comforting her when she cried over Zola’s surgery and holding her hand in the elevator. At that moment, the doors opened and the evil adoption woman saw the wannabe parents. From the look on her face, I think she knew that they knew about Zola. This can’t be good.

Other things of note: Owen is definitely not over the abortion. Watching him watch Cristina with Zola, it was clear he was upset. Elsewhere, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) broke up with the hot nurse, and will probably start dating the hot doctor again. Although why these men both want her is beyond me — she’s been a huge b*tch this season.

Here’s my big rant of the week — as it seems this will be a continuing theme. Bailey doesn’t want to work with Meredith, and I bet none of the other doctors do either. Why didn’t they shun Richard when he was performing surgeries drunk? And I’ve obviously discussed the entire Izzy stole a heart situation. All Meredith did was give a woman medicine. This does not compute. But then again, life isn’t fair.

What did you think of Grey’s this week, HollywoodLifers?

— Denise Warner

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