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'Family Guy' Took A Shot At 'True Blood!' See The Cartoon Versions Of Sookie & Bill!

The joke really wasn't funny, but hey, I'll take any 'True Blood' I can get. Is it next summer yet? Just when I thought I'd seen Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) have sex with vampires in every way imaginable -- in a graveyard, on a drug trip, etc. -- along came the Sept. 25 episode of Family Guy to present Sookie's fang-banging in the most unthinkable form yet: animated!

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Are you wondering how Sookie ended up in Quahog? Allow me to fill you in:

The Griffins won the lottery on the Family Guy season premiere, so Peter got his buddies Joe and Quagmire to do all sorts of ridiculous stuff for him. In this scene, Peter had Joe watch the entire first season of True Blood on DVD and show him all the parts where you can see Anna Paquin’s breasts. Of course, it wasn’t exactly an uplifting scene for fans of the HBO series. Here’s the exchange:

Peter: No! Anna Paquin boob does not count as real boob! That’s like looking at a 12-year-old boy! You should know that, Joe. … And as for you, Anna, you’re dreadful. And so is the program.
Anna: [Somehow talking to Peter through the TV] I didn’t write it.
Peter: Yeah, but you know the people who do. That Alan Ball — you know him, right?
Anna: Yeah…
Peter: How come everything he writes is so dreary?
Anna: I don’t know.
Peter: Tell him to cheer up! Things ain’t so bad.

Fortunately, the disappointingly un-funny joke took a solid turn when the camera cut to Bruce — my personal favorite — watching the show at home in his True Blood t-shirt.

“This is a weird episode,” Bruce said.

Yes, Bruce. My thoughts exactly…

— Andy Swift

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