Spoiler Alert! Who Will Ashton Kutcher Be Sleeping with Multiple Times In Front Of His'Two And A Half ' Men Co-Stars?

Don't worry, Demi! The new 'Two and a Half Men' star is just enjoying his new role as billionaire Walden Schmidt with the help of a beautiful blonde, who returns as Courtney in a future episode of the hit CBS comedy! Things get freaky fast and the results turn into non-stop sex! Whether you are on Team Sheen or Team Kutcher, one thing is for sure, Two and a Half Men is a monster hit with whomever plays opposite Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones. And things are sure to continue, as sources tell HollywoodLife.com exclusively what to expect on a future episode of the hit CBS comedy.

Ashton Kutcher and Jenny McCarthy Sex

Walden (Ashton Kutcher) is still down on his luck with his ex-wife Bridget, but instead of continuously being sad he takes the advice of Alan (Jon Cryer) and goes out on the town to a bar. That is where he meets up with the scheming and conniving money hungry hussy Courtney, played to perfection by Jenny McCarthy.

To Alan’s dismay, Courtney continues to have sex with Walden throughout the episode until her real intentions are realized. Our sources tell us this episode will also introduce a catch phrase for Ashton’s character that can only be heard to be believed…it’s hysterical!

Here are some other tidbits our insiders tell us about the upcoming episode:

  • Ashton’s ex-wife attends an “orgy” and she spends tens of thousands of dollars to get Jenny McCarthy’s character out of his life.
  • Jon Cryer re-establishes a relationship with Courtney Thorne Smith, who plays Lyndsey on the show. Unfortunately for him, she is taken by Ashton’s character and when she sleeps with Jon Cryer’s character she is thinking of Ashton during sex.
  • Jenny McCarthy goes topless in the episode. You only see her back with Angus T. Jones walking in on her sunbathing. Ashton and Jon decide that living in the same place will be a good thing for both of them, as up until this point, Ashton was being nice and allowing Jon stay there till he got his feet on the ground.

So HollywoodLifers, are you eager to see how Ashton Kutcher takes on the rest of the season of Two and a Half Men or are you missing Charlie? Sound off below!

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