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'16 & Pregnant' Star Ebony Jackson-Rendon Shares Her Side: Reasons Why DHS Took Her Baby, Jocelyn!

Ebony explains to HollyBaby.com exclusively she has been battling suicidal thoughts since losing an unborn baby, that the fecal mess in her house was caused by 'having a litter of puppies' and admits that synthetic marijuana found in her house was hers, not Josh's. On the eve of Sept. 19, the Jacksonville, Ark. Police Department and the Department of Health Services raided the home of former 16 & Pregnant stars Ebony Jackson-Rendon and her husband Joshua Rendon. Ebony and Josh were arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor (their 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn) and possession of drug paraphernalia. DHS also took Jocelyn from their home and placed her in temporary foster care. Ebony opens up to HollyBaby.com exclusively about the terrifying raid and the events that led to losing Jocelyn.

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“My house was raided last night and my daughter was taken from me,” Ebony tells us. “I had been suffering with depression. I lost a kid, so I’ve been going through my own personal problems and so I haven’t been able to be the wife, mom that I’m supposed to be.”

“Neither of us wanted any of this to happen,” continues Ebony. “One of my old friends [called us in] and she reported a lot of false things.”

In the police report, the arresting officers described the house as being covered by “human and dog feces.” Ebony blames the mess on the fact that the family just had puppies born in the house. “We just had a litter of six puppies and got rid of the last one prior to everyone busting into our house,” explains Ebony. “A litter of puppies of course is going to damage your floor and that’s exactly what we were putting up with.”

“We never have our house that dirty,” she adds. “Our daughter never lives like that. Our daughter is always taken care of. She will always be taken care of. Our daughter always comes first in our lives and I don’t want anyone to think that we are just a couple of drug heads because we’re not.”

Also according to the report, one gram of synthetic marijuana was found. “It was mine,” says Ebony. “It had nothing to do with Josh. It was all mine and I was just doing it to self harm … after the loss of my son, I just lost him two months ago.”

Ebony says her emotional woes were caused by the loss of an unborn son. “I’ve been depressed, anxious, dealing with the loss of [the baby]. I was already hospitalized at the beginning of June — for suicide prevention.”

But the police raid and seeing Jocelyn taken away was a rude awakening. “I was just thinking I really shouldn’t have messed up,” says Ebony. “Everybody messes up, but I never had it in my house prior to that. And yes I did smoke it heavily after I lost [the baby], but I never had any marijuana in my house. I want everyone to know that. It was just out of depression that we would even let the house go, let everything go. We were not ourselves. We finally got snapped back into ourselves last night. Our house is never like that. It got like that in the past month because Arkansas is really bad with flies. It’s hard to get them out of my house.”

Ebony and Josh both made bail for $8,000 each. Their daughter Jocelyn is in a foster home until the court date on Sept. 26. At that point, Ebony and Josh plan to sign custody of Jocelyn over to either Ebony’s mother or Josh’s parents as they try “to get [their] lives straight.”

Josh is facing an honorable discharge from the Air Force, but the couple plan to move to Colorado where they will focus on rebuilding their lives.

“I’m going to go back to therapy to find the right depression medication,” admits Ebony. “I just want to let all of our fans know we are sorry for letting them down and for letting Jocelyn down.”

UPDATE: Ebony is pregnant again!

— Lindsey DiMattina

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