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'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate's RV Breaks Down, Her Babysitter Quits & Her Best Friend Jamie Calls Her A B*tch!

Mon, September 5, 2011 11:45pm EDT by Chloe Melas 20 Comments

Kate’s RV isn’t the only thing that has a breakdown — Kate fights with her best friend, babysitter, kids, Steve AND strangers!

Kate Gosselin has finally said one thing I agree with: “Everyone eventually leaves me.” Well gee, I wonder why! The September 5 episode of Kate Plus 8 was absoutely shocking. Kate is a dramatic, selfish, stubborn and mean woman, good luck finding a man to put up with that!

The family is still on their cross-country RV road trip. But what was supposed to be a fun trip filled with adventures is turning into a hostile environment hosted by the mom-of-eight.

Unfortunately both RV’s keep breaking down, but Kate’s best friend Jamie and babysitter Ashley are handling it as best they can. They are taking orders from Kate left and right. But when one of the RV’s breaks down on the way to the Grand Canyon and they are forced to scrap their dinner plans, Kate has a freakout.

Kate’s bodyguard Steve Neild suggests they all eat pizza, instead of spending hours putting together grills and marinating chicken for the hungry eight. Kate starts screaming and says she doesn’t eat pizza. Then she starts complaining that she’s never been in flip flops, on gravel, next to an RV ordering takeout. What does that even mean?!

Kate begins to scream at Steve and then has him come into her RV for a private conversation. Steve comes out saying that he won’t be going on another Gosselin vacation anytime soon.

The next day the AC breaks down on one of the RVs. Kate and the kids are on what Ashley and Jamie have coined the “boring bus.” Kate is not amused by that at all. But when Kate goes over to the “party bus” to get pizza for Steve, she freaks out when Mady hands it to Steve without a plate.

Kate starts screaming at Ashley, her babysitter of five years. Ashley screams right back and says that after the trip she’s quitting her job. Kate says that’s fine.

But after Ashley talks with Jamie and realizes that Kate has dumped on her for years, she tells the TLC crew that she wants to go home. Ashley begins to cry and tells the inconsolable Gosselettes goodbye.

Instead of Kate trying to get Ashley to stay, she blames Ashley. Kate says that everyone always leaves her and that she’s used to it. Kate also added that she’s used to people coming and going and that she just has to keep marching forward. Cold.

The ultimate diva moment is earlier in the episode when Kate and the kids go white water rafting. But Kate refuses to sit on anything that’s wet in the raft and beings screaming at the instructor to stay away from anything that will splash her — Is she serious?! Everyone is shocked by Kate’s strange and spoiled behavior. Kate thinks it’s normal and proclaims she’s a professional sun worshipper. Let’s check back with Kate in 10 years and see just how leathery her skin will be … trust me. She’s admitted she uses tanning beds, gross.

The episode ends with everyone angry at Kate. The only person not angry at Kate, is Kate. This episode reaffirms everything you’ve ever heard about Kate. It’s no wonder her show was cancelled beacuse this isn’t even fun to watch.

Tune in next week for the final episode!

— Chloe Melas

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