Inside Russell Armstrong’s Funeral: ‘Taylor Was Sobbing and Trembling,’ Says Guest

Still reeling from the shock of Russell Armstrong's unexpected suicide, friends and family gathered to say goodbye and has all the exclusive details. It was almost ten days ago Hollywood was rocked by the news of Russell Armstrong's suicide. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had given no hint to his severe unhappiness and in a heart wrenching funeral service, wife, Taylor Armstrong put on a brave face to remember the man she married. Although the two were headed for divorce, a source who attended Russell's funeral exclusively told that Taylor was beside herself in sorrow.

“Taylor was devastated during the entire service. When she got up to speak, she was trembling and sobbing. She talked about how much she loved Russell,” our source said. “You would never have thought that she had recently filed for divorce from him. She seemed to be so in love with him! She said that would continue to keep in touch with Russell’s two other sons from previous marriages and that they would be part of her and her daughter’s Kennedy’s life. Two of Russell’s close friends also spoke at the private services at Forrest Lawn.”

Regardless of any not-so-nice feelings between cast members on the show, they showed up to lend their support to Taylor during this devastating time.

“All the housewives from the show were there,” our source said. “The funeral services and reception were NOT filmed by Bravo. After the services, there was a reception and a sit down dinner held at Russell’s friend’s house in Santa Monica.”

While some have speculated that the show drove Russell to take his own life, friends are remembering him for who he was off-camera.

“Everyone talked about how Russell was so different in real life as compared to how he was portrayed on the reality show,” our source said. “That he was such a loving guy and supportive husband and father.”

Noticeably not in attendance were Russell and Taylor’s daughter, Kennedyfamily members from Texas and his ex-wives.

“They will attend a separate  memorial service in Texas,” our source confirmed. “The urn with Russell’s ashes was present at the services. Russell’s ashes will be divided between Taylor and Russell’s family back in Texas.”

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to the families during this painful time.

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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