New Dad David Beckham Admits: I'm Jealous I Can't Breastfeed Like Victoria!

Posh is determined to feed her baby the natural way -- so envious dad David has had to take a back seat... until now! After a month of breastfeeding her newborn Harper Seven exclusively, new mommy Victoria Beckham has started pumping milk so she can take a break and let hubby David take the strain!

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“It’s so important that they have that mother-daughter bond and breastfeeding, I think, is really an incredible thing,” David, 36, tells

Experts recommend moms breastfeed full-time for the first month, to help newborns get used to the tricky process — but after a few weeks they can start pumping and bottle-feeding their babies.

And the Beckhams are sticking to the rules!

Dad-of-four David adds, “We’re in the process of putting it in bottles now, so that means I get to feed her — which has been amazing.”

And if you had any doubt this patriarch takes his family seriously, the soccer star insists, “We make sure that the most important thing to us is our family and we’re all grounded. No matter what goes on around us, no matter what situation it is, we come together as a family and we deal with it.”

We’re glad to hear it!

Did you share feeding duties HollyMoms? Share your breastpumping tales with us!

— Ian Garland

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