Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez In Philadelphia, Kisses Her And Calls Her His 'Baby'! New Pics!

Mega-heartthrob, Justin Bieber doesn't let distance keep him from being close to girlfriend Selena Gomez! Spotted visiting her in Philadelphia the day before her scheduled tour date, he's not shy to tweet their love for the world to see! To be young, rich and totally in love! Justin Bieber, 17, and 19-year-old Selena Gomez are completely devoted to one another and today Justin couldn't help but tweet a photo of them cuddling together. There was no second guessing where Justin was headed when a fellow passenger tweeted about spotting the super-celeb on a flight bound for Newark, NJ! And sure enough he ended up in Philadelphia where Selena is scheduled to have a concert tomorrow night. He's so addicted to her!

While most young celebrity couples try to keep their relationships under wraps, Justin and Selena have surrendered to the public’s prying eye and are giving everyone what they want, PDA 24/7! Shortly after landing and en route to see Selena, Justin’s bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, tweeted a pic of a Philadelphia landmark tipping every Bieber-obsessed fan that he was on his way to reunite with his lady love . Soon,  Justin posted a totally heart melting pic of the pair at a pool party on his Instagram account with the caption, “My babbyyyy.”

For anyone who still isn’t a “Belieber” it wasn’t just a publicity stunt. Shorty after Justin uploaded the photo, another party goer and friend of the couple, Katelyn Clampett, caught Justin giving Selena a big kiss on the cheek in the background of her own Instagram pic with Kenny.

Do you love or loathe Justin and Selena’s constant PDA? Sound off below in the comments!

Aimee Curran

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