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'Jersey Shore' Stars Snooki & Deena Reveal Their Secrets To Shedding The Pounds!

Snooki tells exclusively that she tries to avoid drinking and runs on the treadmill. Deena admits that she's watching the carbs! The Jersey Shore girls are all working hard to get in shape. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has already lost 10 pounds and Deena Nicole Cortese has shed 15. Both Snooki and Nicole reveal their secrets of how they got rid of the extra weight and how they are staying thin to exclusively!

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Snooki may have lost 10 pounds so far, but she tells us at the YRB magazine Summer Issue Party at District 36 in NYC  on Aug. 10 that she’s actively trying to drop 10 more. “Just keep working hard at the gym and eating healthy” are her tricks to achieving success.

At the gym, Snooki likes “going on the treadmill, the elliptical and then doing some power weights,” she reveals. She runs on the treadmill for “like an hour then an hour on the elliptical.”

“Like heart rate 130, like don’t stop,” Snooki emphasizes.

Snooki’s also cutting back on the booze. “The only time I do drink a lot is on the show which you see because it helps me get by,” she shares.

And though she does have a weakness for Long Island Iced Teas, she stays away from them. “If I do want to drink, I just grab a Vodka Seltzer [because] that’s like zero calories,” Snook confesses.

Deena also admits that she’s dropped 15 pounds though she doesn’t seem to feel a pressure from her co-stars to be skinny. “I definitely have lost weight since last season,” she says. “But I have curves and real women have curves and I’m going to rock them.”

Deena lost the weight before going to film in Italy with the rest of the cast “just by like working out,” she notes. “I’ve just been watching my carbs and running,” she adds. Deena runs a couple of miles a day!

BFFs — don’t Snooki and Deena look great now that they’ve lost so much weight?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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