'Switched At Birth' Recap: Regina's Huge Secret Is Revealed & Bay Gets Mad At Emmett!

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So much drama on ‘Switched At Birth!’ Which girl do YOU think deserves to be with Emmett?

On this week’s Switched at Birth, Daphne got drunk and hooked up with Wilke after discovering the guitar case full of Bay archives. Bay and Emmett continued their romance, but Bay got mad when she saw the amount of pictures Emmett has of Daphne. Most importantly, Regina admitted why she kept the switched-at-birth secret for so long!

I don’t blame Daphne for drinking with Wilke. She’s just seen earth shattering evidence proving that her mom has been lying to her for her entire life, and Wilke is such an arrogant jokester that he seems like the perfect person to settle her nerves. I appreciated the fact that he didn’t actually take advantage of her when they were hooking up in the car. He’s definitely less of a womanizer than he claims to be.

I do think it was unfair of Emmett to not try to speak with his mouth for Bay. She seems to really be making an effort to learn sign language and he’s just being stubborn since he’s “never had to speak before.” I think for them to have a healthy relationship, they both have to teach and understand both languages. Communication is futile without some kind of compromise.

And I understand why Bay got mad at Emmett. His room is a bit too overdone with Daphne photos, but on the other hand, they have been best friends for years and she should respect that. I think it was bratty of her to get angry when he took Daphne’s call. The amount of times Daphne tried to contact him definitely signified urgency and Bay should have understood that.

Lastly, Regina’s confession was both understandable and shocking. Her ex-husband thought Daphne wasn’t his baby since she is so fair, so he secretly did a DNA test when Daphne was three and in the hospital for meningitis. Of course, he left the mother-daughter duo when it came out negative. Regina knew something was wrong and did a DNA test herself, which is when she realized Daphne wasn’t her biological daughter. She said she felt Daphne was already her daughter after three years and that she didn’t want to give her up. The bond between mother and daughter is very strong at that age, so it makes sense that Regina would be fearful of some kind of disconnection.

However, she should not be forgiven for hiding Daphne from her real family and not directly contacting Bay. Sure she hired a private investigator, but that doesn’t make up for all those years of lost time and lies. Bay, Daphne, and the Kennishes definitely have reason to be mad and I understand their decision to make Regina leave. I’ve never loved her character, but I didn’t see all these twists coming!

What do YOU think?

— Flora Collins

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