Lindsay Lohan Called Out For Being An Arrogant & Demanding Drama Queen By 'Plum Miami' Journalist!

Image Credit: Plum Miami Magazine

Lindsay Lohan didn’t end up participating in a scheduled interview, so instead the snubbed journalist gives us an inside look at what Lindsay is really like — and it gets pretty juicy! Are you surprised to hear how Lindsay behaves?

Plum Miami writer Jacquelynn D. Powers had planned on shadowing Lindsay Lohan, 25, during a weekend photo shoot in Miami, which would eventually end with an interview to finish her story. However, due to Lindsay’s hard-partying tendencies and infamously difficult attitude, the interview never happened! Still, Jacquelynn had plenty of material to write her article “The Long Goodbye,” and, lucky for us, she had many observations to share.

The behind-the-scenes video shows the Lindsay Lohan the public knows — a sultry blond with a love for the camera. The article, however, highlights the two opposing sides of Lindsay Lohan. The first, a down-to-earth celebrity who gains sympathy votes for being a child star forced into this lifestyle. The second, and apparently more common, a drunken diva who lives off of cigarettes and drama!

So you’d think the starlet would have an entourage of responsible people making sure she didn’t get in too much trouble, right? Wrong! “Lindsay traveled with a revolving pack of pseudo-chaperones, whose most responsible member was her 17-year-old sister, Aliana,” Jacquelynn writes. Ouch!

Jacquelynn goes on to describe Lindsay’s meltdowns over a misplaced pair of heels and the time she shouted “Move that cone. I’m Lindsay Lohan” at a parking lot attendant. This incident, the journalist explains, “foreshadowed the arrogance and demanding personality she exhibited as her sweet-girl façade started slipping.” Jacquelynn calls Lindsay “pretty and talented” but says she’s “constantly looking for drama” and reports that Miss Lohan would drink wine while discussing her sobriety.

Lindsay also mentioned that she “took ballet until she was 19” and was thus “indignant that she was not considered for the movie Black Swan.”

It wouldn’t be a Lindsay tell-all if there wasn’t a story about Lohan partying all night. But the party has to stop at some point… right? “Even Aliana departed, but Lindsay wouldn’t end the party,” writes Jacquelynn, “It was like watching the lights come on at a nightclub after-hours — not pretty.”

Soon, Jacquelynn departed too, with Lindsay making no efforts to conduct the interview.

It seems the starlet was trying to get in all the partying possible before her 35-day house arrest. But we have to wonder, was skipping the interview for an extra hour of partying really worth it after reading this article? What do you think of Lindsay’s behavior?

Alli Holt

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