Jaycee Dugard Shares Details Of First Encounter With Captor Nancy Garrido: She Was Jealous Of Me & Phillip Wanted Threesomes

In her book 'A Stolen Life,' Jaycee opens up about the moment she met kidnapper Phillip Garrido's wife Nancy, whose jealous fits and mental instability were no better than her husband's sexual abuse. "Phillip is at the door. When he comes in, he says he has someone that wants to meet me," Jaycee Dugard describes in her new book, A Stolen Life, of the moment she first met her second captor, Nancy Garrido. Both Nancy and Phillip are to blame for destroying Jaycee's life, keeping her as a hostage and sex slave for 18 years. But sadly, Jaycee finds comfort with Nancy, the woman whose jealousy of an 11-year-old girl feeds into her husband's disturbing and evil mind.

“Phillip introduces her as Nancy, his wife,” Jaycee continues. “Phillip wants us to be good friends. He tells me Nancy will bring me dinner from now on.”

But dinner isn’t the only thing Nancy begins to bring Jaycee. She gifts the innocent 11-year-old with Disney and Highlights magazines, stuffed animals, cats, a Nintendo gaming system and even gives her a Birthday Barbie for her twelfth birthday.

And although this sounds better than Phillip’s sexual obsessions and “runs,” Nancy’s gifting would never cover up her intense mental instabilities.

“Phillip tells me that Nancy is just a little jealous of me but that she will come around to liking me in time if I am good and make and effort to encourage her to like me,” Jaycee writes. “…I figure she must be jealous because he is using me for sex instead of her.”

“While Phillip was talking to me about Nancy, he says she doesn’t really like sex and that I am helping her out, too. I really hate it and wish I didn’t have to. I don’t understand why I have to help her.”

Phillip tried to convince his wife to join in on the “runs” and join in on the “party” with him and Jaycee, but Nancy never wanted to. But then why did she keep Jaycee locked up for all those years if she knew what her husband was doing was wrong?

“Nancy would always bring me something new when she came to check on me, like a new book or new crayons. This made me think she was really starting to like me,” Jaycee says. “I thought she was so nice to take the time to come and see me even though she said it was hard for her.”

Jaycee admitted that she sort of liked Nancy, but “it was a relief for me to not have to endure her moods and jealousy she harbored,” when she didn’t show up for a visit.

As Jaycee concludes in her chapter on Mrs. Garrido, “She did have several opportunities to let me go, and I might never know why she chose not to.”

What are your feelings about Jaycee’s description of Nancy?

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