'Switched At Birth' Recap: Do You Think Daphne Should Have To Dump Liam?

Tue, June 28, 2011 9:00am EST by 8 Comments

The June 27 episode of ABC Family’s ‘Switched At Birth’ had one clear theme: jealousy!

Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) were totally at each other’s throats this week when Bay found out Daphne is dating her jocky ex, Liam (Charles Michael Davis), and Daphne learned Bay is dating her “older brother” figure, Ty (Blair Redford.) Bay thinks Daphne should’ve broken up with Liam after hearing he was Bay’s “hand-me-down,” but I disagree. These girls have been thrown together in a practically impossible situation, and Daphne should not have to concede to Bay’s demands. They are both equals and are neither friends nor sisters.

Anyway, Bay has her cutie Ty, so she has no right to control Daphne’s love life. I do agree with Regina’s (Constance Marie) idea of toning down Daphne and Liam’s relationship somewhat to avoid problems between the girls, but I don’t think Daphne should have to cut ties with Liam altogether.

It’s been bothering me, as it has bothered Bay in the past few episodes, that Daphne seems so perfect. I liked watching the girls face off against each other and I genuinely felt bad for Bay when she saw her whole happy, white-bread family in a picture with Daphne as her replacement. The Kennishes should be more considerate to Bay, especially since she’s having trouble fitting in at school.

Speaking of the Kennishes, it seems that Mr. Kennish (D.W. Moffett) got a bit too friendly with Regina’s BFF Melody at a benefit raising money for Bay’s school. But he avoided a possible conflict with his wife by promising his spouse that she’d “get lucky” that night. Meanwhile, Regina got her own warning from Mrs. Kennish after the ex-husband of one of Kathryn’s (Lea Thompson) pals hit on Mrs. Vasquez!

In other news, Daphne’s friend Emmett (Sean Berdy) filled in for the drummer in Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) band at the benefit, but became envious of Liam’s affection toward Daphne. On top of all that, both the Kennishes and the Vasquezes had to snuff rumors that Daphne is Mr. Kennish’s love child!

I believe it was brave of Regina to accept a date with Bruce, the handsome, wealthy man she met at the benefit. He seems like a nice guy, even if he does have a lot of “baggage” from having been married to Kathryn’s nasty friend. Regina did what she wanted to do, regardless of ridiculous social rules.

Lastly, I completely disagree with Emmett that Daphne is conforming to hearing culture. I think she is just getting to know her new family and making new connections!

What do YOU think?

— Flora Collins

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Posted at 6:31 PM on July 4, 2011  

I actually think Daphne is in the wrong by dating Liam, because the fact is Bay and Daphne are living together. The tension will rise even further than it already has. Would you date a roommate’s ex? Because, friends or not, the situation applies to the girls. As for Bay dating Ty, dating a brother figure does not equal dating the ex of the girl whose family you now have. I mean, I see how the situation would be awkward but its not the same as what Daphne is doing.

And have some sympathy for Bay; I get it, Daphne’s deaf and thats unfortunate but Bay hasn’t really had the easy life either. Growing up with a family that doesn’t understand her, never fitting in at school or in social circles, being completely different than everybody around her, and finding out that alcoholism runs in the family? She has a sarcastic personality and lashes out, but maybe thats how she deals with what she’s going through. Daphne is getting the father she wanted and a rich life, but won’t even tell Bay about her biological father. BOTH the girls are having a hard time but they deal with it in different ways.

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Posted at 11:27 PM on July 1, 2011  

i love daphne! she has a wonderful personality. what makes daphne charming and admirable is her positive attitude. she perceives life through the lens of abundance…overall, her optimistic attitude helps her find peace and happiness in a chaotic situation. life is an odyssey and embeds many obstacles and hardships. daphne’s character will conquer and overcome all barriers because she is strong and courageous.

bay’s character is intriguing. although i find her annoying most of the time, i understand her as well. bay is lost because she does not realize how lucky and blessed she is. daphne works to communicate and learn to love her new family. true, bay does try (she is curious about her father), but she is not trying hard enough. the kennishes are wonderful. i realize the entire switched at birth incident is difficult, but the kennishes do try to connect with their long lost daughter. i do not understand why people feel sorry for bay (the family portrait)…the kennishes are just as good to bay as they are to daphne. i blame regina. for some odd reason, she does not want to get to know her biological “real” daughter. i do not like regina’s character simply for this reason. this is why i feel for bay…not because daphne “is taking over her life” (which she is not)…but because regina does not give a shit about her. literally. regina explains, “i am afraid once she gets to know the real me, she will be disappointed.” sorry, but that is not an excuse.

frankly, i do not care about the entire boyfriend situation or any of the relationships in this series…bunch of bologna! but since i am here, i will comment along with a few other notes…

1. “hearing people” can be with “deaf people”…communicating will be difficult at first, but it is another obstacle that love and patients will conquer.
2. “hearing people” are not inconsiderate towards the deaf, the blind, or any other people who are different for the matter. only the stupid and senseless are…and who gives a shit what they think.
3. what is this entire thing about rich vs. poor? personally, my family is well off…but we do not treat others differently and we certainly do not judge them based on their bank account. a person’s quality > background.
4. bay needs to respect her parents. i am young and yes, bad boys who fix their cars are hot…but rules are rules. coming home past curfew is irresponsible. doesn’t she value her parents? doesn’t she care what her family thinks of her? daphne is considerate.
5. emmett rocks :)
6. i like liam too…i would like to say daphne did the wrong thing of breaking up with him…but perhaps it is for the best (for the sake of rebuilding a close relationship between daphne and bay). sacrifices…its what makes life bitter unfortunately.
7. ty is cool…he is nice…but he should not be ashamed. part of being in a relationship is getting out there and meeting the family and friends of your girlfriend/boyfriend. bay likes him regardless, so why is he worried?

i should get back to my homework :P

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Posted at 2:43 PM on June 29, 2011  

Bay was incredibly annoying this episode- not that she isn’t every episode! She does have a right to be angry and confused about her situation, but like Daphne said; she handles it a whole lot worse than she does. I’d be a nicer to Daphne if I was in Bay shoes, considering that she’s going through the same thing, but having to deal with being in the hearing world as well. I definitely don’t think Daphne’s perfect- she’s deaf, and does have a temper when provoked. The thing that makes her so likable is that she is way nicer than Bay.

From the very beginning I’ve never felt any sympathy for Bay. She lashes out and vandalizes property, for what? She has had everything given to her on a silver platter while Daphne has had to deal with being deaf and growing up in a rough and tumble neighborhood. Can you imagine Bay deaf? She’d be even more insufferable!

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Posted at 12:58 PM on June 29, 2011  

I agree with Emmett, deaf and hearing DON’T mix!!! I’m deaf and every hearing guy, I’ve meet never understands what it’s like to truly date a Deaf girl. There will be issues that come up such as going to a movie or mall in loud environment where a Deaf persons needs the sign language. People judge.

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Posted at 11:27 PM on June 28, 2011  

I so agree with Flora Collins, eveything she said is so true. Bay is very jealousy of Daphne and how things are going for her. The fact that Daphne is, or now is not, according to the June 27 episode dating her ex boyfriend Liam makes her even more jealousy but also upset. Oh and i think Daphne should not break up with Liam just cause Bay is jealousy, i mean come on she does have her new cute boyfriend Ty who i have to say is cute!! and Bay and Daphne are not sisters and i guess for now they are not friends but i am hoping that will change later on in the season, so deal with your own life and let Daphne deal with hers. I think Liam has the right to go on dating if he wants, jeez, but i do agree poor Bay is feeling lonely and she is going through alot, i mean alot has happened for her. She fineds out her parents are not her real parents, and that she was switched at birth, her father was not in her life or more like Daphne’s but would have been her, and now she is feeling her parents care more about Daphne ever since they found out that Daphne is there real daughter and not her. Alot of attention is focused on Daphne lately i do agree myself. Don’t forget the girl u raised her whole life!! Bay! even though she was never your real daughter after all you always loved her and this whole switched at birth thing won’t change it. Oh and Bay’s mom Regina i can so see them as mother and daughter big time!! Ha Haa! Whats up with Mr Kennish? I mean first he is really pushy with Daphne at her basketball practice, i can see its great to have a daughter who finally loves sports and he never had that to enjoy with and plus he is trying to make up for the time he missed with her, but he was gettig a little carried away. Then he ditches his wife at the benefit thing chatting with Regina’s bff. I don’t think he meant any harm, he is a great dad and husband.On the June 27 episode at the end of the whole benefit thing poor Emmett was getting all upset when he saw Daphne with Liam, I do think Emmett is so wrong with telling Daphne that Liam will never understand her and he does and is just like her just cause he is deaf too. I mean come on let Daphne express herself in the hearing world, Liam and her seem to be getting along great, but I do feel bad that she walked away on him like that and Daphne was a little harsh on poor Emmett, I felt so bad for him. Other wise things are going ok and hopefully the girls will get along and form a great friendship through the season!!

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Posted at 8:47 PM on June 28, 2011  

I think Emmett is saying all these things about her conforming because it’s obvious he is in love with her (probably has been for some time) and he feels like he is losing her to “hearing people”.

I agree with you about the fact that Daphne shouldn’t have to break up with Liam to please Bay because, like you said, they aren’t friends and they aren’t sisters. Bay has no right to be upset when SHE is the one who broke up with HIM for absolutely NO REASON! Bay seriously drives me crazy. She’s too imperfect while Daphne is (as you said) too perfect.

That being said, I looove this show and Daphne is my favorite even though she’s perfect. Like Daphne said in this episode, I think she has a better attitude about this whole situation than Bay.

I think if Bay TRIED to make the best of it, she would have a better attitude, too. All this is happening because of her anyway, so if she didn’t want this mess she shouldn’t have 1) asked to have a blood test done and then 2) asked if they could live in the guest house! All she has done is COMPLAIN and I think if she would stop COMPLAINING a little bit and stop trying to be so “moody, broody, oh-I’m-so-unique-and-artsy” all the fricking time, I MIGHT start liking her!

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Posted at 11:13 PM on June 28, 2011  

I feel so bad for Bay. I almost cried for her when the Kennishes took that picture without her. She has every reason to be upset, it’s not her fault all this happened. Like she told Toby she wasn’t expecting the genetic tests to be right. Everyone’s been showing Daphne so much attention and almost ignoring Bay. I’d be moody too if I was her.

I seriously hate Daphne, I don’t understand WHY everybody likes her so much. It annoys the crap out of me how much she gets when all she does is smile and crack a good comeback now and then. No, I don’t think she should have to break up with Liam. But I think she is taking over Bay’s life and she honestly doesn’t see it and that annoys me too.

So let’s back up: this is in no way Bay’s fault. She was just curious about the blood tests, it’s not a sin and I would be too. Now suddenly this other girl is taking pictures with her family and dating her old boyfriend and traipsing around her house with her parents admiring her every move while no one even gives Bay a second glance. Given all this, I think Bay’s handling the situation pretty well.

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Posted at 8:25 AM on July 1, 2011  

so, youre saying its not her fault that evrything bad happening to her is pointed to daphne all the way claiming that she is the victim. its not her fault that she didnt really approach and talk to pople nicely as daphne would have done.

who is in the worse situation? Daphne who suffered hearing defect and live poorly, when she would have been living well off and may not be deaf or Bay who life would have been bad, but ended up living as rich daughter?

honestly, in most cases or logically thinking, in real life, Daphne actually would be acting as Bay’s (the attitude etc)and Bay’s character would have show some gratitude or at least some symphaty to Daphne. not vice versa

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