'Switched At Birth' Recap: Do You Think Daphne Should Have To Dump Liam?

The June 27 episode of ABC Family's 'Switched At Birth' had one clear theme: jealousy! Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) were totally at each other's throats this week when Bay found out Daphne is dating her jocky ex, Liam (Charles Michael Davis), and Daphne learned Bay is dating her “older brother” figure, Ty (Blair Redford.) Bay thinks Daphne should’ve broken up with Liam after hearing he was Bay’s "hand-me-down," but I disagree. These girls have been thrown together in a practically impossible situation, and Daphne should not have to concede to Bay’s demands. They are both equals and are neither friends nor sisters.

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Anyway, Bay has her cutie Ty, so she has no right to control Daphne’s love life. I do agree with Regina’s (Constance Marie) idea of toning down Daphne and Liam’s relationship somewhat to avoid problems between the girls, but I don’t think Daphne should have to cut ties with Liam altogether.

It’s been bothering me, as it has bothered Bay in the past few episodes, that Daphne seems so perfect. I liked watching the girls face off against each other and I genuinely felt bad for Bay when she saw her whole happy, white-bread family in a picture with Daphne as her replacement. The Kennishes should be more considerate to Bay, especially since she’s having trouble fitting in at school.

Speaking of the Kennishes, it seems that Mr. Kennish (D.W. Moffett) got a bit too friendly with Regina’s BFF Melody at a benefit raising money for Bay’s school. But he avoided a possible conflict with his wife by promising his spouse that she’d “get lucky” that night. Meanwhile, Regina got her own warning from Mrs. Kennish after the ex-husband of one of Kathryn’s (Lea Thompson) pals hit on Mrs. Vasquez!

In other news, Daphne’s friend Emmett (Sean Berdy) filled in for the drummer in Toby’s (Lucas Grabeel) band at the benefit, but became envious of Liam’s affection toward Daphne. On top of all that, both the Kennishes and the Vasquezes had to snuff rumors that Daphne is Mr. Kennish’s love child!

I believe it was brave of Regina to accept a date with Bruce, the handsome, wealthy man she met at the benefit. He seems like a nice guy, even if he does have a lot of “baggage” from having been married to Kathryn’s nasty friend. Regina did what she wanted to do, regardless of ridiculous social rules.

Lastly, I completely disagree with Emmett that Daphne is conforming to hearing culture. I think she is just getting to know her new family and making new connections!

What do YOU think?

— Flora Collins

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