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So Strange: Billy Ray Cyrus Wants To Make A 'Hannah Montana' Prequel, Even Though He Claimed The Show 'Ruined' His Family!

We know Miley Cyrus was desperate to move on from her hit Disney show 'Hannah Montana,' and we thought Billy Ray was ready to move on as well -- yet now he says he wants a prequel to the hit show! When Miley Cyrus's provocative album Can't Be Tamed dropped last year, we thought it was a definite nail in the coffin for her Disney alter-ego, Hannah Montana. However, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is now trying to drum up interest in a Hannah Montana prequel! Do YOU think that's a good idea?

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“You know, there’s wonderful buzz right now for a prequel to Hannah Montana,” Billy Ray told E! News. “I know Miley couldn’t step back and be that little girl, but I could get my mullet back real quick.”

The show premiered in 2006 and aired its final episode in January of 2011, allowing viewers to watch Miley grow from little girl to rebellious teenager…which is why talks of a prequel seem confusing: Miley’s simply too old for the role.

Billy Ray has it figured out already, however: he thinks Miley’s little sister, Noah Cyrus, would be the perfect candidate for the role!

This gushy interview about wanting to do another Hannah Montana project is confusing coming from the man who publicly declared  in February he was “scared” for daughter Miley and that the show was responsible for both ruining his family and destroying his marriage.

That said, the back-and-forth of emotions is nothing new for Billy Ray. He filed for divorce from wife Tish Cyrus in October of 2010, only to withdraw the filing in March of 2011, one month after his explosive interview blaming the Disney channel show.

It is clear that Miley is focusing on her life beyond Hannah Montana, performing racy concerts and filming more mature movies, like last year’s The Last Song with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. However, little sis Noah may be very interested in this prequel and the opportunities it could afford her.

After all, the Hannah fan base is enormous…but is Billy Ray willing to risk the efffects of fame on his other daughter?

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is this movie a good idea?

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