'Gossip Girl' Star Tika Sumpter Discusses the Upcoming Season And Her Character's Relationship With Nate!

[caption id="attachment_395688" align="alignnone" width="544" caption="SplashNews.com"][/caption] Tika Sumpter -- who plays Raina Thorpe on the hit show 'Gossip Girl' -- spoke to HollywoodLife.com about her character, the upcoming season, and her take on Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio's new relationship. Tika Sumpter, who spoke to HollywoodLife.com at the five year anniversary of the Tracy Reese Flagship Store event in New York City June 8, had vague things to say about her character's possible return on the new season of Gossip Girl.

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“It’s all up in the air. I wasn’t killed off, but it’s Gossip Girl. Anything can happen,” she told us.

When asked what was going to happen to her and Nate’s relationship, Tika answered in a similar manner saying that “It is all up in the air..you never know.”

The season finale showed Tika’s character, Raina, tricking her father into prison time for the murder of her mother, and ended with her deciding to go home to Chicago…but you never quite know when someone will return. (Georgina Sparks, anyone?)

Of course, we couldn’t help but switch gears and ask Tika her thoughts on her co-star Blake Lively‘s new man, Leonardo DiCaprio too.

“I say more power to them. I mean, if I were a boy I would go after Blake Lively,” she raved. “She’s smart, talented, beautiful, and nice very nice. Everything a girl should be, she’s that.”

Would you like to see Raina come back to the Upper East Side next fall? Sound off below!

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