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Sofia Says: 5 Reasons 'Super 8' Is The First Big Blockbuster Of The Summer!

Thu, June 9, 2011 4:47pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

Steven Spielberg and J.J Abrams sure know how to make a movie, and they definitely impressed with their latest sci-fi flick!

The producer director power duo are famous for their action and adventure thrillers and Super 8 could be there best one yet! The film (which closely resembles Spielbergs very famous E.T) is a great re-make of the cliche alien invasion films of the 70’s. It perfectly combines horror with the extraterrestrial plot and humor with all of the great cliches.

When a group of friends witnesses a horrific train crash, and very strange things start happen all around town it becomes clear that whatever was on board that train may not be from this world.

Check out my reasons YOU need to see ‘Super 8’!

1) The different layers of the film keep you hooked the entire time. Horror mixed with drama mixed comedy mixed with young love keeps your eyes glued to the screen the entire time!

2) The kids are adorable! The main characters in the film are the group of friends and they definitely steal the show. I was more than impressed with all of their acting chops, not only were they all super cute and funny but they told the story perfectly with the dynamic of their group.

3) The set and costumes are AMAZING! You can tell how much fun the crew had re-creating the 70’s- the bell bottoms, banana seat bikes, and more were totally spot on to the era!

4) There is a movie within a movie! Throughout the film the group of friends are making a horror flick, not only does this add another cool layer to the film but it’s also totally hilarious. We get to see the final product in the end and its great, if for no other reason this is worth it to stay till the credits.

5) Lastly I must say, Elle Fanning! I have had the pleasure of meeting the 13-year-old actress and she is even cuter in person. She is definitely a star on the rise and she does an amazing job as Alice Dainard in this film. I can tell she is going to be huge and trust me you will regret not seeing her back when.

If you haven’t gotten it already then let me add once more, this is the perfect way to kick back and enjoy a summer night! Super 8 hits theaters June 10!

–Sofia Fuller

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