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‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Bentley Williams Is Scum & Didn’t Deserve A Good Bye With Ashley Hebert!

It's bad enough Bentley Williams was on 'The Bachelorette' for the wrong reasons, but his fake remorse about saying goodbye to Ashley Hebert made me want to throw up! I didn't think it was possible, but Bentley Williams hit a new low on The Bachelorette June 6. We've known since day one the guy was bad news, but he officially reached creeper level when he pretended to be heart-broken as he left Ashley Hebert alone in her house, heartbroken -- and blamed the whole thing on his two-year-old daughter, Cozy. Seriously?!

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“The guys know I’m a frontrunner, but none of them have any idea that I don’t care about Ashley. I had the opportunity and I played everyone,” the 28-year-old villian said. “[Emily’s] such a standout, and…Ashley looks like an ugly duckling. I’m going to make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks OK.”

It would have been hard enough on Ashley, 26, for Bentley to leave since she was falling in love with him, but I couldn’t believe he led her on to think it made him sad to say goodbye. Not only did he hug and kiss her and tell her she was beautiful (which is NOT what he thought), but he also left their relationship open-ended — selfishly leaving the door open for him to eventually return into her life. What an evil person!

“I never knew I would come in here and so soon be heart broken,” Ashley cried after he left. “I’m ready for my happy ending.”

Ashley had a tough week. First, she had a group date that was supposed to be a comedy night and roast, but it took a turn for the worst. Most of the guys joked about her small boobs, which she seemed to take in stride, but when William poked fun at her for being Brad Womack‘s leftovers, she broke down.

Honestly, I don’t blame her. Her number one insecurity coming onto the show was living up to her former Bachelor co-star, Emily Maynard. When William pointed that out to her face, it had to hurt. Sadly, I don’t think he meant to break her heart — and luckily, she realized he’s a nice guy at heart and gave him a rose.

Two other guys —  Chris and “mask man” Jeff — weren’t as luckily and were sent home. Chris seemed like a nice guy and I thought a couple others would get the boot before him. However, I wasn’t too distraught about losing either of them.

Before I wrap up, can we please talk about Ashley’s flawless date with JP Rosenbaum? When he showed up for their first one-on-one date, Ashley’s eyes were literally puffy from crying over Bentley — and yet, somehow JP put her immediately at ease and even gave her butterflies when they kissed. For once it was nice to see a low-key Bachelorette date without tons of candles, weird animals or thrill rides. They stayed at home, got cozy and hung out in their pajamas. It was refreshing and made me smile. JP is like Ashley’s knight in shining armor — I think he’s perfect for her!

Watch Bentley’s horrible exit below and tell me your thoughts. Did YOU think Ashley was dumb to fall for Bentley’s act or would you have bought into it too? Is JP your favorite or are you pulling for another guy? Sound off below!


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