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'Teen Wolf' Creator Reveals: There's A Treat For 'Vampire Diaries' Fans In Episode Two!

Thu, June 2, 2011 5:58pm EDT by 1 Comment

Plus, the cast talks about how hard it is to shoot at night. In the cold. With no clothes on.

If you spent any time in Atlanta, Ga., this winter, consider yourself lucky you made it back without a werewolf bite! Both Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries were filming in the A-T-L, and yes, they crossed paths. Creator Jeff Davis reveals to “I’m actually friends with Kevin Williamson who does The Vampire Diaries, and for people who know that show quite well, they’ll see a little Easter egg at the end of episode two of Teen Wolf. You’ll have to look closely, though.”

But it sounds like the cast and crew’s love of Atlanta ends there. While the people were nice, the winter weather couldn’t have been more cruel.

“We never once experienced the term ‘Hot-lanta,'” Jeff tells us. “It was more ‘Freezing-your-ass-off-lanta.'”

And the show’s stars are quick to echo Jeff’s feelings about the Atlanta’s treacherous winter.

“The one thing we did miss about L.A. while we were shooting was the weather,” Mr. Werewolf himself, Tyler Posey, tells us. “It was really cold all the time, and we actually had to shut down for a week because of an insane ice storm. It was a cool little break, though, so I was very thankful.”

“Poor Tyler is always out at 4 a.m. in the cold or the rain without his shirt on,” adds Crystal Reed, who play’s Scott’s lady-love Allison. “That’s pretty much the story of his life.”

Oh, right, did we forget to mention that Tyler spends about 80 percent of his screen time in very little clothing? How could that possibly have slipped our minds?…

Teen Wolf premieres June 5 on MTV, right after the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Watch it, and be sure to tune in the following night for episode two — including that special treat for fans of The Vampire Diaries.

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