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Eden Says: Teen Mom Maci Bookout's Colorist Reveals The Real Reason She Went Glamorous Blonde!

Wed, May 25, 2011 4:02pm EDT by 4 Comments
Getty Images, INF

Getty Images, INF

Maci’s colorist, Morgan Mason, says the Teen Mom is “coming into herself,” and says Maci even has a surprise hidden in her hair! Here’s all the details.

If you were wondering why Maci, an adorable natural redhead, would undergo a blonde makeover with a “surprise” in store then maybe you didn’t see her tweet to her colorist, Morgan Mason of Hair Benders Internationalé Salon in Chattanooga, Tenn., on April 26 “@MorganDMason I’m ready to do something crazzzy wif my hur.”

What’s Maci’s newest look?

“I did her hair about two weeks ago and we did blonde, but we put a really cool red flash piece in there. When she parts her hair she has a really cool red piece that’s on the top, but you can barely see it. It’s hidden under all that blonde.”

The long blonde extensions were a very different look from her short red hair. What inspired the look?

“It’s kind of like one of these things where we were going to try it out and see how it looks. It’s just something that’s fun and different and can change your look dramatically. She’s a daredevil and she can go as red as she wants and blonde as she wants.”

Maci has gone through a lot of color changes. What has been your favorite to do?

“Definitely taking a redhead to a blonde is very challenging,but I love her as a blonde. I think it makes her look a little bit older. She’s not the young, sweet 16 year old. She’s coming out into her self. “

Maci’s hair looks so soft and sleek. Do you have any tricks for keeping hair manageable?

“She has really good hair. It’s really healthy. We never over-process it. We just touch up her roots. If you’re going to be blonde then you need to do maintenance to keep it shiny and healthy. “

Can you recommend any specific products or brands for blonde hair maintenance?

“She always uses a shampoo with a bit of purple pigment that keeps her color from getting brassy. At my salon we use TRU HUE shampoo.”

Does Maci love the blonde?

“She just tweeted the other day how she wants her red hair back again. I said lookout if you go back to red you’re not going back blonde for a while. I think she looks awesome with the blonde. Her mom told her that people pay money to have her hair color.”

So what is in the cards for Maci’s hair in the future? Morgan couldn’t say for sure, but she hinted that a change is coming and I can’t wait to see what it will be!

–Eden Univer

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