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Justin Bieber Reveals New Chiseled Abs: How He Went From Baby Fat To Buff!

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Justin is most likely eating lean protein like chicken and fish, along with 100 sit ups a day to keep his rock solid abs in tip top shape for his girlfriend Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber, has a great body and we can tell he’s been working out! But just how did Justin do it? HollywoodLife.com spoke to LA based trainer and owner of Acceleration Gym Steve Jordan who reveals how exactly Justin might have gone from a 16-year-old cutie in April of 2010 to a full blown hottie one year later in May 2011!

“It wasn’t dieting like someone who is trying to loose weight that got Justin’s body looking so lean,” Steve, also known as America’s Fitness Ambassador says. “I think he is eating smarter. He must be eating the right types of food like lean protein which is chicken, fish and steak.”

Along with Justin’s healthy diet, he is definitely working out. But with Justin’s My World 2.0 tour Steve says it probably makes it difficult to hit the gym for an hour every day.

“Justin could be doing body weight exercises in his trailer or hotel room,” Steve says. “Body weight means using your own weight to do exercises like push ups and pull ups for simple yet effective results. He is probably doing 100 push ups a day, 100 pull ups a day and splitting it up. So he might be doing 25 of each in the morning and spreading the rest out over the course of the day.”

But if you want to get a lean look like Justin, it’s important to follow a strict diet and workout at least three times a week says Steve. But don’t expect to see immediate results: “It most likely took Justin somewhere between six months to one year to achieve the body he has now.”

So if you want your man to look like Justin Bieber here’s how:

What to eat:


4 Egg Whites

English Muffin with Almond Butter
Protein Drink with Green Powder to get lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential to grow
Chicken Breast
Pasta Bolognese which is a meat sauce providing more protein.
Salad with veggies, oil and vinegar

Here’s the workout guide:

Body weight exercises: “Are exercises that use your own body weight like push ups or pull ups and can be done anywhere. Perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to go the gym like Justin because he’s touring around the world.
Push ups:
100 a day is a great way to get upper body definition and size. It’s good for chest, shoulders and triceps. And if your keep one leg in the air while doing it it’s great for core and glutes.
Sit ups:
100 a day will give you a six pack. Decline sit ups where your using more gravitational pull would be my choice for Justin. It’s where you sit on a plank or inclined surface and do sit ups with your back laying down as if the blood were rushing to your head. But floor sit ups where you bringing your whole upper body of the floor is a great alternative.
Chair Dips:
100 a day is a great for defining the back of the arms, shoulders and lower chest.
Pull ups:
100 a day is a lot, but if done throughout the day, it can be accomplished. This is a classic military exercise that will give you the V shape that you see here in the recent photos.

— Chloe Melas