Taylor Momsen Kicked Off ‘Gossip Girl’ Because Of ‘Unreliable’ Behavior On Set! Exclusive

A "Gossip Girl" insider tells us Taylor Momsen was "unreliable" on the few days she came in to film this season, and this is why she was kicked off, as initially reported by TVLine.com. Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr will not be returning to Gossip Girl for a fifth season as series regulars, reports our sister site TVLine.com. The girls, who have both seen their storylines significantly cut this past season, will be invited back as guest stars in the future. We spoke to a source close to the show who says Taylor's departure is attributed to her "unreliable and erratic behavior" on set.

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“Taylor wasn’t on set filming much this season, but when she did show up she wasn’t very level-headed,” explains our insider. “The show’s executives didn’t trust that she was really giving it her all, so they dismissed her as a regular.”

This isn’t the first time Taylor’s been accused of bad behavior; Little J’s storyline was reduced on the show because of it. Jenny Humphrey started out as a good girl in the series but her downward spiral mimicked Taylor’s real life persona, which began consisting of dark makeup, shocking statements to the press and a high-profile flashing incident.

Taylor is now focusing on her music career as the lead singer in her band Pretty Reckless, and although Jenny Humphrey fans may be disappointed, they certainly won’t be surprised by her demotion from series regular to guest star.

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland


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