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'Glee' Recap — Sam Reveals A Huge Secret & Sue Sylvester Becomes A Muckraker!

This week's episode of 'Glee' had amazing music -- I just wish there was more of it and a little less trivial jealousy! The May 3 episode of Glee was filled with Fleetwood Mac. The cast drew parallels between the band's lack of communication during the making of their hit album, Rumors, and their own struggles to communicate with each other.

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Rachel Berry reached out to Sam at the beginning on the episode to ask him if he wants to go to prom, to which he responds with an unsure sounding, “you’re not my type.” She seemed to take it well considering her usually inflated sense of self worth.

Kristen Chenoweth‘s character, April Rhodes, mades a good argument to Will Schuester that he should return to Broadway with her and at least try to live his dream. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester and Terri Schuester scheme to bring back the school newspaper in hopes of turning rumors into reality — Sue wants Will’s Glee club out of the school and Terri wants her apartment back. The plan was to announce that Will would rather be on Broadway than teach at McKinley. Their anti-journalistic integrity motto: “If I heard it, it’s probably true.”

Will whined to April about drama in glee club — so much backstabbing adn whispering etc. etc., to which April replies that it’s just like
Fleetwood Mac at the height of their career. They barely spoke to each other except to make music together.
April does a beautiful rendition of Fleetwood’s ‘Dreams’

Rachel and Finn staked out outside of a motel where they knew Quinn was because of Finn’s trust issues. Rachel used the opportunity to pitch the idea of doing another duet together for nationals, when the unexpected happened. Curt left the hotel with Sam and the two hug, which lead to speculation among friends that something might be going on. It donned on them for the first time that they don’t know much about where Sam is from or what he was like before McKinley high school.

Santana totally stole the show when she sang a heart-felt ‘Songbird’ to Brittany. They made a plan for Santana to come on ‘Fondue for Two’ where she would ask her to go to prom and she could say yes — sort of a mini coming out. Ultimately, though, Santana wasn’t ready and didn’t show up.

During the next Rachel-Finn stakeout, they saw something else unexpected. This time, it was Quinn and Sam coming out of the motel!

Finn and Quinn appropriately sang ‘I don’t want to know’ after they agree that they just have to trust each other, especially after a photo was released in the newspaper that showed exes Finn and Rachel in the car alone together.

Emma finally decided to “take charge of her own destiny,” by starting to take her OCD meds regularly. She selflessly suggested to Will that he do the same and try to make it on Broadway.

Sam’s big secret?: His father lost his job and it was revealed in front of the entire Glee club after a 4-way jealousy fight erupted during rehearsal. Quinn was helping his babysit his younger sister and brother while Curt was bringing him clothes. While the group couldn’t fix his problems, they did raise enough money to buy him a new guitar which he had been forced to sell.

The entre cast came together at the end for a ‘Don’t Stop’ Fleetwood finale.

We’ll have to wait til next week to see if Will chooses Broadway over nationals with the glee club!