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Elton John's Mother Has 'No Interest' In Meeting His New Baby — OUCH!

Due to a three-year rift between Elton and his mother, baby Zachary has yet to, and might never, be introduced to his 86-year-old grandma. What a shame. Sir Elton John, 64, and David Furnish, 48, welcomed their baby boy Zachary, via a surrogate mother, on Christmas Day of last year, but Elton's mom Sheila Farebrother had no idea they were even expecting!

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“He has cut me off completely,” Sheila, 86, tells UK’s The Sun. “It happened three years ago this June. He has had nothing to do with me since then.” Sources explain that a comment Sheila made to Elton’s partner David, 48, is the reason for the family fall out. “I don’t want to go into what caused it,” she adds. “It is a painful subject. My son cut me out of his life for good.”

And now, little Zachary might never get to meet his grandmother. “I have no particular interest really,” Sheila admits of meeting her grandson. Wow, thats a bit harsh!

David’s parents flew from Canada to California to meet the little guy right after his December 25 birth, but Sheila was not invited. She did attend the ceremony for Elton and David’s civil partnership, which might have been the last real time they were together as a complete family.

“I have never had a conversation with him about whether he talks to his mother,” a spokesperson for Elton tells The Sun. “She is a lovely lady but she is 86 and she is frail and old.”

Don’t you think it’s a little bizarre that Sheila has yet to hold her grandson? That’s a grandmother’s favorite job! We hope, for Zachary’s sake, the family can at least try to make amends.

–Leigh Blickley


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