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'Glee' Spoilers: Kurt Returns To New Directions, Gwyneth Paltrow Guest Stars & More!

Celebrity guests, new romances, prom, and a possible pregnancy? America's favorite glee club is back in action with bigger drama and more music! Glee has taken a brief hiatus since New Directions kicked butt at Regionals with their original song, but April 19 they are returning to primetime to prepare for Nationals. There's only six episodes left this season, and we have all the juicy spoilers that are about to turn McKinley High School upside down!

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  • Kurt played by Chris Colfer may have found love at Dalton Academy, but he is ready to return to Mckinley High School. He enjoyed his time with the Warblers but needed New Directions back in his life.

“I felt exactly what Kurt was feeling. I was missing my friends, but I was making new friends. And those Warbler guys, they are so great! I’m having a great time , but I’m excited to be back!” revealed Colfer to US Magazine.

  • Gwenyth Paltrow will return as Holly Holiday to continue her love affair with Mr. Schuester, and she’s not going away anytime soon!

“She is in our first episode back to continue her love affair with Matt,” said the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. “She loves the show, and we love her and she’ll come back next year.”

  • The Warbler’s will be the musical performers at the McKinley High School Prom and Blaine may be coming to McKinley High!

“I think the Warblers have to perform at the prom,” said Ryan Murphy. “As long as Kurt and Blaine are a couple, they’ll continue to mix worlds, until season three where I think Blaine might have to try out for New Directions.”

  • Mercedes will find a new man in her life. The diva has always been unlucky in love, but that’s going to change after this summer’s Glee themed reality show that is casting Mercedes’ man candy.

“The talent on it is really, really amazing and one of things in the back of my mind is ‘How would that guy be with Amber?'” Murphy revealed.

  • Santana and Brittany are going to have a baby! Just kidding! Naya Rivera joked she feels Santana’s love for Brittany is genuine, but fears that she would get her pregnant if they were ever officially together!

“I would like to see her end up with Brittany… I’d probably get her pregnant!” joked Naya Rivera.

We’re so excited to watch the madness enfold, starting tonight with the return of Charice! Tell us what you think of the upcoming plot twists! Will you tune into watch Glee tonight?

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