Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Gary Busey's Cheesey Pitch For Omaha Steaks Was Too Awkward To Watch!

It's a showdown between team leaders Hope Dworaczyk and Gary Busey in this week's Apr. 17 episode of 'Celebrity Apprentice!' After everyone recovered from the initial shock of Donald Trump's decision to keep Gary Busey and send Mark McGrath packing on last week's episode, they received their next assignment. Hope Dworaczyk and Gary were the team leaders for the women's and men's teams to put on a live presentation for the Omaha Steak company.

With Gary as a team leader, the episode was destined to be one of the best in the entire season, but it turned out to be more difficult to watch than entertaining. During the session with his team and the steak execs, he got off to a rough start by failing to ask any relevant questions about the company or what they were looking for in the presentation.

Post-meeting, John Rich tried to step in and help by calling customer service to get more product information, but Gary took the phone and — shocking — nothing was accomplished.

Hope felt that she was at a slight disadvantage because she is significantly younger than her teammates, but she got off to a good start as the project manager for the women’s team. The team asked the correct questions in terms of what Omaha Steaks wanted in a presentation.

LaToya Jackson explained that she and her family had personal chefs growing up, so she had never cooked anything but would try. She then got upset when Hope switched her cooking assignment from a steak to a burger (the least amount of work) and started whining in what NeNe Leakes accurately called her “12-year-old voice.”

Meatloaf, who had the daunting task of cooking everything himself, was in utter disbelief that Gary wanted to call Omaha Steaks’ headquarters and ask them if they would specially manufacture flavored meats for him.

Star Jones yet again stationed herself in front of her laptop and claimed she was doing “graphics” all day. NeNe finally spoke up when she was sent on an errand instead of Star and said what we’ve all been thinking: “I wonder if it takes all f***ing day to do graphics?”

John Rich threw an epic hissy fit over Gary calling him “boy” off camera — Is that even a big deal?

The girl’s team really pulled it together for their presentation. The only negative observations from the Omaha Steaks execs was that they should have said “Omaha Steaks” more times and that the presentation would have benefited from some more live cooking.

Meatloaf did a great job hosting and grabbing the audience’s attention while Gary bored the crowd by making up fake scenarios about when people might have an occasion to eat Omaha Steak products. One included a little boy making a steak for his dad on father’s day, who then cried and flew a giant kite with the company’s logo on it. It was extremely awkward, as was his idea of bringing people up on stage to eat the food in front of everyone.

During the final meeting with Trump, Lil’ John and John Rich threw Gary under the bus. There were misspellings on the menu and the team hadn’t rehearsed. In contrast, the women’s team presented a harmonious front. Hope said that no one was the weakest link and the other women stood behind her and said she was a great leader. Trump announced that they won the competition this week!

John still couldn’t get over how Gary called him ‘boy,’ and tattled on him to Trump and Ivanka. Gary denied it but instead said he called John ‘c’boy,’ “like the Dallas cowboys.” — What?! In the end, Donald praised Gary for being unique and a great guy, but ultimately served him with his signature phrase: “You’re fired.”

Gary, showcasing his unique qualities again, mumbled something about flying over a rainbow in the car on the way out. He should get the rights to Charlie Sheen‘s #winning catchphrase because Charlie has overplayed it — plus Gary’s outlandish rambles and perpetual optimism deserve it more.

Everyone will be missing Gary in next week’s episode, but from the looks of the preview, the focus will be turned to a MAJOR conflict between NeNe and Star.

— Brooke Peoples

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