'Degrassi' Recap: Sav Gets Dumped, Jenna Gets Angry & Eli Gets… A Shotgun?

Is there ANY healthy relationship happening on 'Degrassi' right now? If there is, it certainly wasn't featured on Degrassi's April 15 episode, which highlighted three of the school's most dysfunctional pairings. Holly J. (Charlotte Arnold) ended things with Sav (Raymond Ablack); K.C. (Sam Earle) and Jenna (Jessica Tyler) fought about their unborn child; and Clare (Aislinn Paul) decided she and Eli (Munro Chambers) needed a break... you know, so she wouldn't end up dead like his last girlfriend.

Let’s do a quick analysis of these three couples to decide if any of them stand a chance of surviving into season 11, shall we?


It’s nice when your boyfriend considers you his muse… but it’s significantly less nice when he’s writing a story about a “Stalker Angel” who kills his girlfriend and drinks her blood. Eli tried to whisk Clare away to a romantic weekend at the gothic literature convention, but Little Miss Sunshine felt it was too dark for her taste. This lead to a fight, and ultimately, a decision that maybe it was time to put things on hold for a while.

I’ve got to say, I couldn’t be more on Clare’s side here. Eli is a freakin’ wackjob, and if there was any doubt about that before, this episode’s final scene confirmed it. He took out a shotgun and fired at a picture of his dead ex-girlfriend Julia because it’s “all her fault.” This kid needs help.


These two have been on an emotional rollercoaster ever since Jenna told K.C. she was pregnant last season. (I think we all remember his reaction: “Everything will be fine… once you get the abortion.”) And things have gotten better… kind of.

This week’s battle was over the baby’s crib, which K.C. still hasn’t assembled. And as a sort-of apology for blowing up at him, Jenna told Dave (Jahmil French) to throw K.C. a baby shower of his own, but to make it more like a bachelor party. … Am I the only one who sees this ending in disaster?


Holly J. decided she wasn’t “feeling it” with Sav anymore, so she decided it was time to cut him loose. But she couldn’t have picked two WORSE people to help her do it: Anya (Samantha Munro), who dated Sav for what seemed like an eternity, and Fiona (Annie Clark), whose secret love for Holly J. totally clouds her judgment.

In the end, Holly J. decided the easiest way to end it would be to introduce herself to Sav’s super-conservative Muslim parents as his girlfriend. But her plan totally backfired when Sav fought for their approval… and won! Then she was forced to break up with him the hard way, you know, by actually telling him how she feels.

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