'Holly's World' Recap: Jayde Nicole Buries The Hatchet With Holly Madison And Her Crew!

Josh also films the amazing music video for his single 'Report to the Floor!' The April 3 season finale of Holly's World opens with Holly Madison's former assistant and bestie Angel Porrino going on an audition for a new show in Vegas called Absinthe. Angel killed it at the audition, and while riding in the car with Holly, got a call with some great news from her manager Jason Verona -- she got the gig!  Angel was ecstatic, saying, "I was really happy that Holly was in the car with me when Jason called. I kind of feel like she knows what its like to get that call -- like 'Yes, you got it!' It was nice to share that with her."

Meanwhile, Holly’s Peepshow castmate Josh Strickland filmed the music video for his single ‘Report to the Floor,’ featuring his best buds Holly, Angel, and Laura Croft. The video had a fun, vibrant vibe of a night out in Las Vegas and was filmed at a suite in Planet Hollywood and on the casino floor. The last scene of the video was filmed at LAX Nightclub, where Josh performed his single for the first time in front of a live audience. He did a fabulous job and it’s so great to see his family life and music career moving in positive directions!

Across town, Holly’s roommate Laura went to the gym and encountered Holly and Angel’s enemy Jayde Nicole. The last time these two saw each other, Laura ditched Jayde and her friends because she was talking smack about Angel! Jayde questioned Laura as to why she hasn’t been able to reach her and Angel told her it was because of the trash-talking. The conversation quickly turned awkward and Jayde left the gym.

While filming Josh’s new video at LAX Nightclub, Jayde shows up and asks to speak with Angel. This is their first encounter since their physical altercation at the photo shoot, and tension in the room could be cut with a knife! To everyone’s surprise, Jayde apologized to Angel, saying, “Listen — I know this isn’t really the most appropriate place to do this, but I feel like we both live in Las Vegas and we’re obviously going to run into each other in situations like this all the time. I just feel like you guys have the complete wrong impression of who I am and think that I’m purposely trying to be rude to you and Holly and I kind of want to end the drama so we can see each other and be OK with each other.”

Angel replied with a simple, “Thank you, I appreciate it,” and the two grabbed a drink together. We totally did not expect that, but it’s a nice change! The next day, Josh showed up to Holly’s house with a basket of candy that Jayde sent. It came with a note that stated she was proud of him and to share the candy with Holly, Angel and Laura. Josh said, “She’s trying at least and I like that.” Angel was rightfully a little skeptical of Jayde, saying, “Talk is so cheap and right now all Jayde has is talk, so I guess we’ll see.”

Time will only tell if the Angel and Jayde drama is truly over, but for now it seems all is peaceful in Holly’s World!

–Gianna Mandarino

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