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Paris Hilton V. Kim Kardashian! Paris Says I'm The Original — Not You!

Uh oh! Watch out Kim -- Paris has a nasty message: You may be a reality star now, but 'there is nothing like me!' Paris Hilton wants her former BFF Kim Kardashian to know that she doesn't care if she is more famous -- "There's so many people out there who try to imitate what I do but I am the original," Paris, 30, proudly told The AP on March 29 in Mexico, where she was promoting her new shoe line. "So there is nothing like me."

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In Paris’ mind, she is the “original” reality star — and Kim, 30, just followed in her footsteps.

We’ve seen both Paris and Kim in sex tapes that spread their fame far and wide. But Paris was in the TV game first, with her 2003-07 reality show, The Simple Life with Nicole Richie.

Kim’s show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, didn’t air until October 2007. But it continues to be popular to this day — with Kim getting a spinoff with sister Kourtney, called Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Still, Paris says, Kim’s got nothing on her.  “[I’ve] done everything that I wanted to do and I feel very blessed that I have been very successful on every area,” Paris said. “So it’s very exciting. There is nothing else to do.”

Paris is geting ready to shoot a new reality show, The World According to Paris, to air on Oxygen in the spring.

Kim and Paris used to be the best of friends — Paris was the one who took Kim to her first Hollywood party. But as Kim rose to fame her relationship with Paris faltered. And then in 2008, Paris made a nasty comment comparing Kim’s butt to “cottage cheese inside of a big trash bag!”

But Paris approached her ex-bestie on Feb. 13 at Interscope’s Grammys afterparty to try and bury the hatchet. “Paris came up to her and apologized, and said she didn’t want to fight,” a source told Us magazine. Did Paris have another change of heart?

BFFs — who do you think is the bigger star — Kim or Paris?

– Lindsey DiMattina