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'Big Love' Series Finale: Bill Gets Shot & The Sister Wives Are Closer Than Ever!

Sun, March 20, 2011 10:53pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 1 Comment

At first it seemed like the family was falling apart, but the shocking finale episode brought everyone back together — including Sarah.

The very tumultuous finale season of Big Love left us wondering if the Henrickson family would be torn apart — whether it would be with Bill being thrown into jail or with Barbara and Margie abandoning the family, it seemed inevitable, even at the beginning of the last episode ever.

Barbara and Bill began drifting apart this season — and with Barb choosing to be baptized in a new church, Bill felt like she was throwing away their marriage. As a result, Bill rushes out to Nikki. Meanwhile, Margie gets her passport and expresses her desire to travel and participate in volunteer work.

After Barb trades in the station wagon for a brand new convertible, (that she named honey bee), Nikki and Margie join her for a ride. When Bill comes home to see the car he’s very angry. The station wagon, a ninth anniversary present from Bill to Barb, came before they purchased their homes and before Bill married Nikki and Margie. He equates trading in the car to Barb throwing away their relationship.

Margie and Nikki attempt to confront Bill and Barb about their relationship, and Bill tells his wives their store has been taken away from them and he may have to serve prison time.

Margie and Barb are searching to define themselves apart from the family, and Nikki feels abandoned. She’s scared her daughter is going to leave her, worries about Bill going to prison, and what would happen if Margie and Barb left the family.

Easter finally arrives. Although Barb goes off to her baptism, she is unable to go through with it and joins the rest of the family, including Bill’s sick mom, Lois, in church. After church, the family all comes together at the house.

Lois went back to the home, where she ends her life in the arms of her husband, Frank, while they reminisce about their life. Right at that moment, Bill leaves the house to go pick up his mother, when he is greeted by an angry neighbor who shoots Bill in the chest three times. Barb, Nikki, and Margie all come running out and Bill asks to be blessed by Barb before dying.

11 months have passed and the family is in mourning. Sarah, Amanda Seyfried, comes back with her husband to baptize her baby in Bill’s church. The last scene finds the three sister wives together. Margie is getting ready to go off on her second trip since Bill’s death, and while Barb and Nikki are concerned about her, you can see how close the family has become.

After five years of ups and downs, life without Bill exists for the sister wives. They managed to find themselves, and their own identity, but the bond between the women and the family is stronger than ever.