Tony Hawk's Best Friend: 'I'm Totally Cool' He's Dating My Wife! Really?

The skateboard mogul ditched his third wife Lhoste Merriam to take up with lifelong friend Matt Goodman's estranged wife Cathy -- but his pal says it's no problem, dude! Tony Hawk has the best friend ever! He's having an affair with the woman who is still married to his business partner Matt Goodman. And Matt says he couldn't be happier for them!

“I know people will think it is strange but I’m totally cool with it,” Matt tells “I had split up with Cathy over a year ago and she started dating Tony about seven months ago. I have a new girlfriend now and I hope Tony, Cathy and Lhoste can all be happy.”

Tony Hawk, 42, super-wealthy from all of his years on top of the pro skateboarding world, dumped Lhoste Merriam — his third wife who was his former publicist –when they divorced in February. The New York Post reported that Lhoste learned in December that Tony was running around with Cathy Goodman.

The Goodmans –married for nearly 20 years — have two kids. Matt has been close to Tony since childhood. And the bromance lives on!

Tony and Lhoste had one child together, 2-year-old daughter Kadence Clover. He has three sons from his first two marriages.

Matt tells RadarOnline he’s still texting Tony.

“Our kids are all friendly and we do not want a bad situation…I knew Tony was not happy with Lhoste and I hope he finds that [happiness] with Cathy – they have known each other a long time.”

What a pal!

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