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Kirstin At 'Idol:' Aww…Adam Lambert Freaked Out When He Met Steven Tyler!

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Watching Adam meet one of his idols for the first time was a magical moment! He was completely starstruck!

One of the perks of getting to see the live tapings of American Idol is witnessing what happens during the commercial breaks. However, tonight was even more special than usual because one of my favorite Idol alums, the one-and-only Adam Lambert, was in the house — and the energy was electrifying.

You all watched Adam, 29, sing an acoustic version of his song, “Aftermath,” to benefit The Trevor Project, but what you DIDN’T see was his interaction with the three judges afterward. At first, Adam and Ryan Seacrest stood center stage chatting for a bit (with their mics off, unfortunately!). Randy Jackson couldn’t get up on stage fast enough to congratulate his former contestant with a big hug, while Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez stayed back at the judges’ table.

After Randy left, Adam took off his microphone, sipped on Smart Water and went over to chat with the Idolists. It was super sweet because he took time to hug each and every contestant — even James Durbin, who told last week he is NOTHING like Adam (despite comparisons). After meeting Adam in person, I think James had a change of heart though, because the two of them continued to talk for awhile, even snapping photos together. It was almost like Adam was passing the baton to James — I hope James realizes just how lucky he is!

Adam was super sweet to chat with all the contestants, but I could tell he was dying to say hello to J. Lo and meet Steven. He rushed over to the judges table and gave Jennifer a huge hug. After exchanging pleasantries with her, Adam turned to Steven and almost lost it.

I could read his lips. “Wow,” he said. “It’s an honor to meet you!”

Steven, 62, didn’t seem too ruffled, but clearly enjoyed meeting Adam as well. I couldn’t see exactly what he said to him, but he did point out Adam’s necklace (Glamberts, do you know what he had on tonight?) and nod enthusiastically, as if he loved it. I half expected Adam to take off his necklace and give it to Steven on the spot!

Sadly, the commercial break was only so long and Adam had to say his goodbyes quickly before the show went back on-air. Glamberts in the crowd were screaming his name and Adam — who’s always so good to his fans — waved and smiled appreciatively before booking it out of the studio just in time for the cameras to start rolling once again.

All of this happened in less than three minutes, but I loved witnessing that magic in person. The contestants met their idol, and THAT idol met HIS idol. How cool is that?  What did you guys think of Adam’s tame performance tonight? Sound off below!

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